NZ Election 2020: New poll shows recreational cannabis likely to remain a criminal offence

NewsHub 30 September 2020
Family First Comment: Yet another poll pointing in the right direction.
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Smoking a joint looks set to remain a criminal offence with the latest Newshub Reid-Research poll showing a majority of voters will vote ‘no’ in the referendum, but the referendum on euthanasia looks set to pass.
New Zealanders will be asked in the upcoming election whether they support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.
The proposed Bill outlines a way for the Government to regulate cannabis. Its main purpose is to reduce cannabis-related harm to individuals, families, whānau and communities.
The bill intends to restrict young people’s access to cannabis, eliminate the illegal supply of cannabis and ensure only New Zealanders aged 20 and over are able to possess or consume the drug in limited circumstances. It would also control the production and supply of cannabis, including controlling the potency and contents of licensed cannabis and cannabis products.
Our Newshub Reid-Research poll asked: “Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?”

  • 50.5 percent said ‘no’
  • 37.9 percent said ‘yes’
  • 10.9 percent ‘didn’t know’
  • 0.8 percent won’t vote

Support is most likely to come from Green voters (85.5 percent yes), followed by Labour supporters (45.9 percent yes) with National voters likely to be strongly opposed (71.6 percent no).
New poll: Kiwis back euthanasia, support for legalising cannabis going up in smoke
NZ Herald 30 September 2020
Personal use of cannabis is likely to remain illegal according to latest poll numbers, as support for the bill continues to slip before the approaching referendum.

The latest Newshub Reid-Research poll showed just 37.9 per cent of responders saying they will vote yes to the proposition.

In just over two weeks, voters will have their say over a potential legal cannabis market; which would allow for special bars for consumption, special outlets and sales and strict rules for home-grown cannabis.

New Zealanders will be asked in the upcoming election whether they support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.


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