Where New Zealand’s surrogacy laws could be headed

Stuff co.nz 13 March 2021
Surrogacy in New Zealand is a convoluted and expensive process. Along the way there are often setbacks and heartbreak. A string of Kiwis are sharing their experiences, hoping to force much-needed changes. Laura Walters hears their stories.

When Cameron and David* found out their daughter had died from cot death, they were angry and frustrated.

Until this happened, they didn’t know she existed.

The same-sex couple always wanted children, but the difficulties accessing surrogacy in New Zealand led them to go off-the-books, to try a more DIY approach.

The pair made an arrangement to create, and co-parent the child with a lesbian couple. But after three attempts, they gave up. The women moved to Australia.

About a year later, Cameron and David saw an online post about a girl’s death; she looked familiar to David, who was the sperm donor in what he thought were failed attempts at conception. The women admitted they had become pregnant, but wanted to keep the child for themselves.

The hopeful dads realised the only way forwards was down the official path. After two years of trying, the couple are still waiting for a child.

There are an estimated 60 Kiwi babies born through surrogacy, each year. But the true demand is likely much higher. Last year, there were 21 cases of international surrogacy; about 10-15 cases of traditional surrogacy, outside the official system; and 27 children born through the official domestic process.
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