Mike’s Minute: Cannabis supporters should be gracious in defeat

NewsTalk ZB 9 November 2020
I was kind of hoping when we got the final cannabis and euthanasia result on Friday we might not get a weekend of whining.

No such luck. Being a good loser is not actually that hard, if you have the right attitude.
Some of the Republicans might want to look at themselves in the mirror as well. As I said last week, there is a very distinct line between looking for votes, issues, and making sure the job has been done properly, versus just being a bad loser who can’t cope with being beaten.
The euthanasia side of the equation appears a lot more mature here than the cannabis camp. I think partly, as we have said a number of times, the euthanasia debate got sorted in the minds of most New Zealanders many years ago. The politicians were the hold up, so by the time David Seymour corralled them across the line, we were merely rubber stamping a well sorted stance.
Hence when the results came in, although those on the no side were obviously disappointed, they didn’t whine, nash their teeth, and wander around asking for reform, reviews and writing op-ed pieces moaning about their lot.
Sadly, the same can’t be said for cannabis.
Here was the deal; we all had a say, yes or no. The yes crowd worked hard, spent a lot of money, told a lot of lies, twisted a lot of arms, and, I would argue, threw about all you could expect to be thrown at an argument.
They had well known advocates, they had government parties behind them, they had a decent chunk, if not the bulk, of the mainstream media in their camp, they got vastly more favourable coverage than the no camp, but under the rules, they didn’t win.
When the votes were added up, there were more votes for no, than there were for yes, full stop. And yet sadly, like a week ago when the preliminary results arrived, nashing of the teeth, op-eds galore, moaning, whining,  whinging, and all the “but, but, but.”
But nothing. In the preliminary and final results, yes, lost.
Whether the gold medal is won at the Olympics by a 10th of a second or five seconds changes nothing. Whether Joe Biden got 270, 285, or 320 changes nothing. You either win, or you don’t.
When you win, you’re gracious. When you lose, you’re gracious. How about the yes camp give that a crack?


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