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Hi, I’m Bob McCoskrie

The statistics on family breakdown, suicide rates, family violence, child abuse, alcohol & drug abuse, pornography harm, gender confusion and many other issues are ample proof that some families and individuals in New Zealand are suffering.

Having spent several years teaching, working as a social worker with young people in South Auckland for more than 15 years, and engaging with the issues of the day on talkback radio, I am all too aware of the social costs of family breakdown.

In New Zealand, the married two-parent family is increasingly sidelined, and more children are growing up amongst family breakdown, many without their dads, and more solo parents are struggling to make ends meet. Children are being indoctrinated with confusing ‘gender identity’ ideology and inappropriate and harmful messaging around sexuality education and relationships. 

There is drug and alcohol abuse and disturbing levels of violence in the community. Young girls are entering into prostitution and some are having abortions behind their parents’ back. 


Standards in the media and advertising are getting worse and political correctness and ‘wokeness’ is strangling free speech and debate on important issues. 

And then our politicians pass laws which allow brothels to open beside family homes, criminalise good parents who are raising great kids, ignore the benefits of marriage, liberalise alcohol and drug laws, liberalise abortion and euthanasia laws, and exclude parents from being informed if their young daughter becomes pregnant.

New Zealand families desperately need to have a strong and unified way to voice their concerns and opinions to those in positions of power.

Family First New Zealand is a straightforward way to achieve that objective. Through speaking up, researching and educating, we will be a voice for your family.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand for families.

Bob McCoskrie
National Director / Founder

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