Many kiwis are generous in their praise of Family First and how we are making a difference in New Zealand.

“Family First’s success is built off being phenomenal networkers and campaigners. They aren’t politicians in the strict sense, but they participate in politics in a way other advocacy groups can only dream of. It’s not a stretch to say that director Bob McCoskrie is much more politically influential than the average backbench MP. The group also boasts a genuinely nationwide presence, and could fill a room in pretty much any town in New Zealand… A machine that’s been so influential in shaping and driving conservative politics in New Zealand.”
Alex Braae | Staff Writer for The Spinoff
I just want to thank you for your hard work and huge amount of research, over the proposed legislation for cannabis usage and euthanasia this year. I so appreciated the material you made available for us to write submissions and vote knowledgeably. Thank you for keeping going and travelling the length of New Zealand to keep us informed. And thank you for being steadfast when the opposition was so aggressive and hateful, and when the media tried to ignore or scoff at what you were saying. I don't know what ordinary people would have done without you, as there was so much 'information' from the pro side on each issue, and it wasn't easy to wade through the legislation and try to predict the impact it would have on people.

Thank you for all you do and continue to do for families in NZ. We’re fortunate to have strong and ethical people like Family First fighting for strong and stable family life in this country. Please keep up the wonderful work. With each new social issue detrimental to families that the Govt., brings out, you are getting stronger and reaching more people. 

You have shown leadership when it was needed.
You steer us when we are wondering how we should respond.
You marshall us to take positions when we would not know what we might do.
You organise and strengthen us when we think an issue is too big for us to possibly tackle.
You bring the right people together into a coherent whole.
You quietly work in the background influencing and networking people into something that becomes the hands and feet of Christ.
Your voice is a check in the conscience of the nation’s leaders.
Your work is very appreciated.

I want to say that I am deeply grateful to you for standing up for godliness in our country. I have despaired over the years at the state of society there, but each time I get an email from you I am encouraged that God isn't finished with New Zealand. The fact that someone is standing for righteousness and doing it so fearlessly is, well, I can't even describe how deeply moving that is for me.

I was really proud of Family First, they presented our view intelligently and convincingly.
Over the last month or so, morals and matters concerning families have been brought to the attention of the country – because Family First are questioning the reasons behind it.
Congratulations on speaking up on behalf of families. Please keep it up – you have a unique wisdom and gifting in this area.
Van Hoffen Family
I am a very worried parent. I think what you are doing is fantastic. Keep it up.
Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence in researching and putting together all this information. I think you and your team are amazing.

Well done as you spoke common sense in a country where the family is being destroyed.
Keep up the great work – you were clear, confronting and spoke with clarity.
Keep up the good work. You are making a difference!
It is so hard to stand against these people who come across on the television as credible... But thank you so much Bob for being that person and letting our voice be heard.
Good on you for standing up and speaking out.
I must say, I do agree with your statements on the website. There is definitely a decline in morality and in other social areas that the Government allows.
Just checked out the familyfirst webpage and we want to encourage you on takingthis stand and being a much needed positive christian voice out there… awesome news…we are behind you and your group in any way we can be.
Susan and Keiran
Thanks for your email about your new venture, it sounds like a fantastic idea, and one that is long overdue in this country.
Julie and Tony
Congratulations on this bold and exciting move!! .. Family First looks like a great opportunity to step up to a new level of effectiveness in promoting the ideals you (and we) so strongly believe in. You have our family’s full support and prayers.
Support Bob and Family First – they are making a huge impact already.
Concerned Parent Jeff
Having worked as a Probation Officer and now a social worker with The Open home Foundation I also despair at the way this government and others are allowing our families to go. If I can be of any help let me know.
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