Strong Family,
Strong Nation

Family First NZ has become a household name, advocating for families, and speaking common sense on a broad range of family issues in New Zealand. We believe that strong families and strong marriages are the foundation for a strong nation.

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Strong Family,
Strong Nation

Family First NZ has become a household name, advocating for families, and speaking common sense on a broad range of family issues in New Zealand. We believe that strong families and strong marriages are the foundation for a strong nation.

Value Your Vote - Election 2023

Value Your Vote – Election 2023

Value Your Vote – Election 2023. As you prepare to vote in the upcoming 2023 New Zealand General Election, our Value Your Vote resource will help you vote for candidates and parties that share your values.

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Family First TV

Currently our main shows are McBlog, StraightTalk, and Family Matters, but more shows will be added over time. You can watch them here on the Family First website, and all the main social and digital platforms.

Here’s the latest episode of the StraightTalk live-stream, recorded on 25th Sept. Go to the Family First YouTube channel if you want to see previous episodes of StraightTalk. 

McBlog with Bob McCoskrie

Watch Bob McCoskrie’s ‘bite-sized’ McBlog videos, where he discusses the latest issues to do with media, politics, family issues, gender ideology, and important social debates. Expect Bob to pull no punches as he digs into the issues that matter. Watch McBlog on all the main social and digital platforms.

McBLOG: Only the man would defend women

McBLOG: Only the man would defend women

A recent TVNZ debate for young voters featured six panelists (including four current MPs). Just one of the panelists was male. But it was the man who spoke up for girls’ and women’s rights.

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McBLOG - Radical abortion group highlights who NOT to vote for

McBLOG: Radical abortion group highlights who NOT to vote for

ALRANZ (Abortion Rights Aotearoa) are a tiny activist group that are radically pro-abortion and have an American activist as their leader. They’ve released their list of which NZ parties are the most pro-death, pro-abortion. So if ALRANZ endorse the party, you should probably avoid them like the plague.

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McBLOG - The Governments trans role model for your 9 yo

McBLOG: The Government’s trans ‘role model’ for your 9 y/o

One of the books that the Ministry of Education and Family Planning recommend for your 9 year old to read as part of the RSE (Relationships & Sexuality) Curriculum is “I am Jazz” by Jazz Jennings. But Jazz has been left sexless, sterilised and physically mutilated. Jazz is not an example to follow.

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‘Family Matters’

with Bob McCoskrie, Clara Fox-Champkins, Samuel Bilton and others.

Family Matters is our in-depth video series where we explore the issues that really matter for kiwi families – parenting, free-speech, marriage, drugs, gender and many more topical issues.

FAMILY MATTERS - Explaining the wasted vote

FAMILY MATTERS: Explaining the “wasted vote” – Is it really wasted?

It’s General Election time – and because we operate under an MMP mixed member proportional voting system, the concept of the “wasted vote” always comes up in discussion. But are “wasted votes” really wasted?

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Fathers Matter

Why Fathers matter, on Father’s Day and year round

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Fathers matter, on Father’s Day and year round. Here’s a special message for Father’s Day (previously released in 2021) – a short message of encouragement for dads, and to remind us of why fathers still matter. 

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FAMILY MATTERS - Anti-life is so popular

FAMILY MATTERS: Why is “anti-life” so popular in our culture at the moment?

What do abortion, euthanasia, transgenderism, toxic masculinity and ‘saving the planet’ all have in common? They are often labelled as ‘pro-choice’, but in fact, they are all ‘anti-life’.

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Latest News & Media Releases

Age Verification on Porn?

MEDIA RELEASE: Strong Support For Age-Verification On Porn Sites – Poll

A new poll has found significant support for pornography sites to have age-verification requirements. Almost 4 in 5 (79%) respondents support a law requiring age verification on porn sites, with just 11% (1 in 10) opposing it.

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Attack Ad on Luxon

MEDIA RELEASE: Ad attacking Luxon OK, but Ad promoting women is Banned

A brutal ‘attack’ advertisement on National leader Christopher Luxon by a trade union has been printed in the NZ Herald as a full wrap-around on the front page, yet Family First’s “What is a Woman?” advertisement was cancelled by all the mainstream newspapers.

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Poll on 3 Strikes

MEDIA RELEASE: Only 1 in 6 Oppose ‘Three Strikes’ Law – Poll

A nationwide poll has found that just 16% of New Zealanders oppose bringing back the ‘Three Strikes’ law which was recently repealed by the Labour Government with the support of the Greens and Te Pati Maori.

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rejection of gender ideology in schools

MEDIA RELEASE: Polls shows growing rejection of gender ideology being pushed on to children

A new nationwide poll has found significant opposition to gender ideology overall, but especially in schools and in women’s sports. The poll has also found support for a ban on the use of ‘gender affirmation’ chemical & surgical treatment for under-18s.

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teaching licence

MEDIA RELEASE (POLL) – Teacher not using preferred pronouns shouldn’t be deregistered

MEDIA RELEASE – A new nationwide poll has found significant opposition to a decision which resulted in a teacher losing his teaching licence for refusing to recognise a student’s gender ‘identity’ and using the students preferred pronouns.

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parents criticize sex education

Central Southland College parents raise concerns about sexual education

Outraged parents of Central Southland College pupils are demanding explanations about why they were not told about the type of sexual education their children were taught at the school.

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Latest Research & Surveys

Schools Pride Week

There’s no “Pride” in sexualising our children

Schools’ Pride Week Aotearoa for NZ schools being held next week (12th-16th), overseen by the radical and government-funded charity InsideOUT. But there’s no “pride” in pushing radical sexuality & gender ideology on children.

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analysis - media coverage of protest

ANALYSIS – Media Coverage of Parliament Protest 2022

A new report has reviewed the media coverage of the 2022 Parliament Protest, and finds that the media failed in its duty to present the Protest in a fair and balanced manner.

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Family Breakdown Cost

REPORT: The value of family, and the cost of family breakdown

A new report estimates that the fiscal cost to the taxpayer of family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates has been estimated at around $2 billion (around $520 per taxpayer) in 2020-2021.

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Key Issues
Facing New Zealand

We believe that strong families are the foundation for a strong nation. There are many issues and events that are destabilising the kiwi family, so we believe these need to be identified and resolved so that our social foundations are strengthened not weakened. Family First is NOT a political party and has no intention to be one. Our role is to be a voice for families in the public domain, and to research and advocate for family and marriage issues. We want to fight for the soul of New Zealand.

Here are some of the core issues facing New Zealand.

Family & Marriage

Family First believes that strong families underpin a strong nation, and that conventional marriage – between a man and woman – is the foundation for a strong family. There is simply no need to re-invent marriage and families in New Zealand. We advocate for families and support the institution of marriage.

Freedom &

Freedom comes in many forms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political and civil liberties, parental freedom to do what’s best for their family. Family First will work tirelessly to protect these fundamental freedoms in our society. This includes opposing ‘conversion therapy’ bans and overreaching ‘hate speech’ laws.  

Drugs &

New Zealand is in the midst of a substance misuse epidemic, along with increased mental illness. It’s unsurprising there is a strong correlation between drug use and mental illness, domestic violence, work absenteeism, and other negative outcomes. Family First advocates against drug liberalisation and normalisation.


Many young people today are wondering if they were “born into the wrong body”, and activists are pushing an agenda that “you can choose your gender” and that the body should be remade to conform with feelings. This transgender trend conveys a confusing message to all children. We believe children should be allowed to grow without needing to question the sex they were born as.

Pro Life

We are anti-abortion, but we also love both the mother and her unborn child. We believe every human being, even the child in the womb, has the right to life. The unborn child has a fundamental human right and should be legally protected. A 2019 poll found strong support for the unborn child having human rights and being legally protected once a heartbeat is detected, and only a small minority thinking that life doesn’t begin until the child is born.

End of Life

Euthanasia and assisted suicide put many of us in danger.
Nothing in the new End of Life Choice Act guarantees the protection required for
vulnerable people, including the disabled, elderly, depressed
or anxious, and those who feel themselves to be a burden or
who are under financial pressure. The international evidence backs up these concerns

Schooling & Education

There can be no more important an issue than what is being taught to our children at schools. As our numeracy and literacy standards decline, we’re deeply concerned with increased teaching of highly controversial topics and ideologies such as gender theory and critical race theory. Many parents are simply unaware of what their children are being taught. This should be concerning to all parents and caregivers.

Media &

The proliferation of the internet and digital technology have improved access to information. The media plays an important role, and is supposed to inform and educate people. But often the media are no longer reporting on the key issues, instead they’re promoting a certain opinion or ideology. The media is also supposed to be a watchdog, but maybe we need to be a watchdog on them. 

Porn &

Pornography has a damaging effect on intimacy, love, and respect. Porn can lead to sex role stereotyping, viewing persons as sexual objects, and family breakdown. If we want to tackle sexual violence, we must first investigate the role that pornography plays and the harm that it does to attitudes & actions. Porn is especially harmful to children and teens, who can easily view disturbing material online.

There are many other issues that Family First researches and comments on, including; * prostitution * gambling * screentime * daycare * child abuse * child poverty * imprisonment and law & order * alcohol abuse and the drinking age * importance of mothers and fathers * step-families & family structure * dinner time * and many more…. Check out our Research and Issues page.

Who We Are

It’s 2022, and that means it’s our 16th Birthday! In 2006 we formed Family First New Zealand, as a voice in the public domain – to champion strong and stable families, to promote the institution of marriage, and to protect life from conception through to natural death. We believe strong marriages and connected families lead to a strong nation. Sadly the reverse is true also. Family breakdown leads to significant social cost – both to individuals and to society. Family First advocates for families, and speaks common sense and values on a broad range of family issues. Watch our short video message.

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Family First Projects and Websites

These are just some of the projects which Family First is behind. A complete list can be found by visiting our ‘Partner Sites’ page.

You can make a difference

Join the grassroots movement to promote marriage, family and the value of life. Your financial support and membership will help Family First to promote these ideas and policies that have a lasting, positive influence on New Zealand society.

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