PARENT GUIDE: The Battle For Your Child’s Innocence


As children prepare to return to the classroom, Family First has just released some essential reading for parents & caregivers. In fact, it could be one of the most important publications you read before the term starts.

The PARENT GUIDE is entitled “THE BATTLE FOR YOUR CHILD’S INNOCENCE: How to protect your children from the state’s radical sexuality and gender ideologies in schools“.

We’ve already highlighted just how radical the curriculum is which the Government wants to target at your children – even in primary schools. (Watch the summary below – it’s had a significant number of views already and has led to many parents contacting their own schools to see just what’s being taught in this area, and who’s teaching it!).

parent guide

In this new PARENT GUIDE, you’ll find out the following:
* recent developments around the curriculum
* what do parents think about this material, and what concerns have they already raised
* what are the legal rights of parents / caregivers
* what is the relevant law that parents should understand – and quote when corresponding with their child’s school
* what are schools being told (pressured to do) by the Ministry of Education
* other school resources / events to be aware of e.g. Pink Shirt Day, “Going with the flow” outdoor education, and others
* your action points as a parent, including key leaders to meet and events to attend, sample letters to have your children excluded from any classes you disagree with, and questions to ask in order to obtain the relevant information.

There’s also some commentary on faith-based schools and their legal rights and obligations (and the likely expectations of parents who enroll their children at these schools!)

YOUR VOICE AND COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS. Respectfully speaking out will not only protect your own children, but will have an inevitable and powerful influence on other parents who also want to protect their own children.

And please remember – though you may choose to entrust your child to a school, parents are ultimately responsible for overseeing their child’s education. Parents who proactively and positively engage with school staff and the leadership / board are best positioned to influence and make a positive difference for the whole school community.

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