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Family First NZ has quickly become a household name, advocating for families, and speaking common sense and values on a broad range of family issues in New Zealand. It seeks to promote strong families, marriage, and the value of life, based on principles that have benefited New Zealand for generations. As well as being a dominant voice for family values in the media, Family First also provides Research & Education.

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Family First NZ – Registered Charity
Our Charity Registration number is: CC10094.
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Learn more about our Founder and National Director – Bob McCoskrie

Our Focus


Research & Education

Family First NZ’s purposes and aims are:
• to promote and advance research and policy regarding family and marriage
• to participate in social analysis and debate on issues relating to and affecting the family
• to educate the public in their understanding of the institutional, legal and moral framework that makes a just and democratic society possible
• to produce and publish relevant and stimulating material in newspapers, magazines, and other media relating to issues affecting families
• to speak up about issues relating to families that are in the public domain

Speaking Up & Public Debate

Family First NZ has been the leading pro-family voice on a number of major public-policy debates in New Zealand. These include the anti-smacking law, the redefinition of marriage, the liberalisation of the abortion law, and the recent cannabis and euthanasia referendums. 

Family Matters

New Zealand needs a voice that can research and advocate for strong families and safe communities.

“New Zealanders need a voice that can research and advocate for strong families and safe communities, which is why we started Family First.”

Bob McCoskrie - Founder & National Director

Key Issues

We believe that strong families are the foundation for a strong nation. There are many issues and events that are destabilising the kiwi family, so we believe these need to be identified and resolved so that our social foundations are strengthened not weakened. Family First is NOT a political party and has no intention to be one. Our role is to be a voice for families in the public domain, and to research and advocate for family and marriage issues. Here are some of the core issues facing New Zealand.


Freedom comes in many forms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political and civil liberties, parental freedom to do what’s best for their family. Family First will work tirelessly to protect these fundamental freedoms in our society. This includes opposing ‘conversion therapy’ bans and overreaching ‘hate speech’ laws.


Family First believes that strong families underpin a strong nation, and that the conventional marriage – between a man and woman – is the foundation for a strong family. There is no need to re-invent marriage and families. We support the institution of marriage.


New Zealand is in the midst of a substance misuse epidemic, along  with increased mental illness. There’s a demonstrable correlation between drug use and mental illness, domestic violence, work absenteeism, and other negative outcomes. Family First advocates against drug liberalisation and normalisation. 


Many young people today are wondering if they were “born in the wrong body”, and activists are pushing an agenda that “you can choose your gender” and that the body should be remade to conform with feelings. The transgender trend spreads a confusing message to all children.

Pro Life

We believe every human being, even the child in the womb, has the right to life. The unborn child has a fundamental human right and should be legally protected. We also oppose the new euthanasia law. Vulnerable people including the disabled, elderly, depressed can live without it.

Law & Order

Pornography has a damaging effect on intimacy, love, and respect and can lead to sex role stereotyping, viewing persons as sexual objects, and family breakdown. If we want to tackle sexual violence, we must first investigate the role that pornography plays and the harm that it does to attitudes & actions.

There are many other issues that Family First researches and comments on, including; * prostitution * gambling * screentime * daycare * child abuse * child poverty * imprisonment and law & order * alcohol abuse and the drinking age * importance of mothers and fathers * step-families * dinner time * and many more…. Check out our Research and Issues page.

In the Media

“Family First’s success is built off being phenomenal networkers and campaigners. They aren’t politicians in the strict sense, but they participate in politics in a way other advocacy groups can only dream of... The group also boasts a genuinely nationwide presence, and could fill a room in pretty much any town in New Zealand… A machine that’s been so influential in shaping and driving conservative politics in New Zealand.”


Who We Are

In 2006 we formed Family First New Zealand, as a voice in the public domain – to champion strong and stable families, to promote the institution of marriage, and to protect life from conception through to natural death. We believe strong marriages and connected families lead to a strong nation. Sadly the reverse is true also. Family breakdown leads to significant social cost – both to individuals and to society. Family First advocates for families, and speaks common sense and values on a broad range of family issues. Watch our short video message.


4 Reasons why NZ families need their own watchdog

1. SOME OF OUR FAMILIES ARE SUFFERING: The statistics on family breakdown, suicide rates, family violence, child abuse, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, and many other issues are ample proof that some families in New Zealand are suffering. Family First will look for some of the solu­tions through our research and advocacy. 

2. COMMON SENSE DOES NOT ALWAYS PREVAIL: Where do we start! When our politicians pass laws which allow brothels to open beside family homes, criminalise good parents who are raising great kids, ignore the benefits of marriage, liberalise alcohol laws, and exclude parents from being informed if their young daughter becomes pregnant, it proves the need for someone to promote the best interests of families. 

3. FAMILIES ARE OVERLOADED WITH INFO: It’s difficult for busy parents to keep up with the constant avalanche of new issues and research affecting families. Family First will monitor these issues and keep you up to date. We’ll also show you how you can respond, when appropriate. 

4. FAMILIES NEED A STRONG VOICE: If the flawed anti-smacking law or the lack of parental notification when a teenage is pregnant or the teaching of gender confusion in schools shows us anything, it’s that politicians are all too willing to ignore the views of families when it suits them. It highlights the need for New Zealand families to have a strong and unified way to voice their concerns and opinions to those in positions of power. Family First is a straightforward way to achieve that objective.

How does Family First watch out for NZ familes?

COMMUNICATION: Family First is a leading voice on family issues in the media and public domain. 

RESEARCH: Promoting and advancing research and policies which support marriage, families, and safe communities as foundational to a strong and enduring society. 

EDUCATION: Educating the public in their understanding of the institutional, legal and moral framework that makes a just and democratic society possible. This includes hosting conferences and bringing in international experts; producing and publishing relevant and stimulating material in newspapers, magazines, and other media; and enabling families to make submissions to local and central government on issues affecting them. 

STAYING ALERT: Participating in social analysis and debate, and advocating for families regarding public policy and laws. 

JOINING FORCES: Networking with other like-minded groups and academics who are also speaking up for strong families and safe communities.

Other Family First websites

You can see some of our work at the various websites that we host:

forumonthefamily.nz – Forum on the Family – annual conference

freetolive.nz – ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban

lovethemboth.nz – Abortion Legislation Act 2020 – FACT SHEET

activeintelligence.nz – Active Intelligence podcast with Aaron Ironside

saynopetodope.nz – Say Nope To Dope (Cannabis)

porninquiry.nz – Porn Inquiry NZ (Pornography)

askmefirst.nz – Ask Me First (‘Gender Identity’)

abortionprocedures.nz – The Biological Reality of Abortions

abortionregret.nz – Real Women. Real Stories. 

rejectassistedsuicide.org.nz – Reject Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)

protectmarriage.org.nz – Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (Marriage)

chooselife.org.nz – Abortion

haveyoursay.nz – Web-tool for contacting Members of Parliament

valueyourvote.org.nz – General Election Voter Guide 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020

nzmarriage.org.nz – NZ Marriage Coalition

voteno.org.nz – Referendum on Anti-Smacking Law

protectgoodparents.org.nz – Research on effects of anti-smacking law, and support for parents

McBlog – the blog of National Director Bob McCoskrie 

You can make a difference

Join the grassroots movement to promote marriages, family and the value of life. Your financial support and membership will help Family First to promote these ideas and policies that have a lasting, positive influence on New Zealand society.

Gifts made to Family First NZ still qualify for the Donation Rebate.

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