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"We were effectively 'cancelled' by the mainstream media - probably since the 2013 marriage debate!" - Bob McCoskrie

With the mainstream media and social media platforms becoming increasingly hostile towards conservative organisations and viewpoints, our goal is to sidestep them and speak directly to our thousands of supporters. Our goal is to produce credible and well-researched summaries of the issues affecting families, which will educate and empower them to also speak up. And judging by the response, our supporters are loving it!

Family First TV

"We were effectively 'cancelled' by the mainstream media - probably since the 2013 marriage debate!" - Bob McCoskrie

With the mainstream media and social media platforms becoming increasingly hostile towards conservative organisations and viewpoints, our goal is to sidestep them and speak directly to our thousands of supporters. Our goal is to produce credible and well-researched summaries of the issues affecting families, which will educate and empower them to also speak up. And judging by the response, our supporters are loving it!

mcblog school library books

McBLOG: Is your school library safe?

We give examples of explicit and inappropriate books that you probably don’t want in the school library. Have you checked what’s on the shelves at your child’s school?

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mcblog HRC looking for complaints

McBLOG: HRC desperately seeking ‘conversion therapy’ complaints

The $2.2m taxpayer-funded complaints centre set up by the Human Rights Commission for receiving complaints about ‘conversion therapy’ has admitted that there have been no formal complaints about ‘conversion therapy’.

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mcblog christian school explains closure

McBLOG: Christian school exiting state system

TVNZ’s 1News reported that a Northland christian school is closing down because it can’t practice ‘conversion therapy’. We do a Fact-Check and speak to the Chair of the Proprietors that oversees the school to find out the real story.

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mcblog comedians tell truth about abortion

McBLOG: Comedians tell the truth about abortion

Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock are two very well known comedians – and they’ve both had Netflix Specials. Both of them have accidentally told the truth about abortion to a worldwide audience.

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mcblog oxford debate

McBLOG: One speech stands out at Oxford Union debate on marriage

A recent debate was “Should Christianity allow gay marriage?” One of the speeches went viral – by a person who was recently blocked from becoming a priest in the Church of England.

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mcblog media bias cannabis

McBLOG: When the news media ‘campaigns’ rather than ‘reports’

In an excellent presentation from new website, Aaron Ironside – an experienced broadcaster – shares his experience of being a spokesperson for the No side during the 2020 cannabis referendum debate.

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mcblog polyamory threesome

McBLOG: Lots of (media) love for throuples

There’s lots of (media) love for throuples and polyamory. The Herald on Sunday recently published “The truth about life in a throuple: ‘You can love more than one person’”. They even argue that threesomes could be a cure for infidelity!

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StraightTalk – Episode 1

Episode 1 of StraightTalk, our panel discussion that gets straight to the heart of the matter – without compromise and without constraint. 

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mcblog womens day

McBLOG: International er…. Women’s Day?

How can we celebrate “International Women’s Day” today when it can’t be defined correctly. If you define a woman biologically – an adult human female – you immediately destroy gender ideology.

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mcblog gender identity maori terms

McBLOG: Gender ‘identity’ but not Maori terms?

Gender ‘self-identification’ on our passports is now ok. But for some reason, Maori ‘identifying’ as Tahine, Whakawahine and Whakatane won’t be allowed. But doesn’t self-identification mean that there are no limits on the terminology?

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mcblog - gender fluidity and sexuality ideology in schools

McBLOG: Is “In Your Skin” in your child’s school?

There’s a new show in town – called ‘In Your Skin’, developed by two sexologists. Once again, parents should be concerned.

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mcblog gospel vs social justice

McBLOG: The Gospel v ‘Social Justice’

At the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots in downtown Chicago, Juan Riesco, co-owner of Nini’s Deli, was pressured to proclaim support of BLM.

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mcblog stats nz kids

McBLOG: Stats NZ are now targeting our children

Gender ideology and climate alarmism is being targeted at children as young as 7 years old. It’s time we called it out.

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mcblog affirmation generation

McBLOG: Watch “Affirmation Generation”

We check out another documentary just released on the medical ethics of the so-called ‘gender-affirming care’. Its called “AFFIRMATION GENERATION”.

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McBlog Lies Statistics

McBLOG: Lies, Damned Lies, and Stats NZ

Census forms arrived to most kiwis this week. And you need to figure out your sex at birth – and then your gender. Apparently they’re totally different.

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McBLOG: Shhh! More naughty words that must not be said

University IT departments around the world are replacing what they deem to be racist, sexist, ageist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise non-inclusive language.

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mcblog dischanted disney

McBLOG: Disney’s disenchanted kingdom

Has Disney lost its way? Many Disney fans have noticed a sharp increase in the company’s political and social activism – incl. pushing sexual ideology through children’s movies and cartoons.

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mcblog cost of family breakdown

McBLOG: Family breakdown is costing all of us

Family First has just released a new report which calculates that the fiscal cost to the taxpayer of family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates has …

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McBlog Transgender Clinic Whistleblower

McBLOG: Watch the testimony of the transgender clinic whistleblower

Last week, a former case manager at a “transgender clinic” spoke out against “transitioning” minors, revealing what really goes on at these clinics. We show …

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mcblog AP abortion

McBLOG: Associated Press’ new abortion “reporting guidelines”

The Associated Press (or AP as you will see on many articles in mainstream media in NZ) is a global news organisation founded way back …

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mcblog diversity and inclusion

McBLOG: Sorry – “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity’ doesn’t include your views

Yep, so-called “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE)” doesn’t include you! It’s pretty clear to most people that if you have a Christian faith and hold …

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mcblog ban conversion

McBLOG: Criminalised for conversion

Matthew Grech, a christian charity worker in Malta, faces potential fines and imprisonment for allegedly falling afoul of his country’s ban on “conversion practices” when …

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mcblog harms of transgender clinics exposed

McBLOG: Whistleblower exposes the harms of transgender clinics

One of the disturbing aspects around the whole gender identity debate and the push for gender affirming treatment – i.e. puberty blockers, wrong sex hormones …

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mcblog disturbing case of euthanasia

McBLOG: She said she wanted euthanasia, but….

Last November we highlighted a case from Canada where a popular fashion brand Simons posted a video entitled “All Is Beauty”. It tells the tale …

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mcblog war for drugs

McBLOG: The media’s war *for* drugs continues

The mainstream media’s focus on the liberalisation of drug laws continues. Many of them have never got over the shock that a majority of NZers …

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mcblog parent guide

McBLOG: The battle for your child’s innocence

As children prepare to return to the classroom, Family First has just released some essential reading for parents & caregivers.  In fact, it could be …

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McBLOG: Despite January 19, it’s still business-as-usual

One key day in January that we may all remember where we were when we heard the news. January 19. When the Prime Minister Jacinda …

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hate speech laws

FAMILY MATTERS: The Government’s first step of controversial ‘hate speech’ laws

‘Hate-speech’ laws continue to be proposed by the Government under the pretence of ‘the public good’. But beneath the shiny veneer of good intentions lies a very dangerous agenda.

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warning parents about drag queens

McBLOG: Sued for warning parents about drag queens

‘Drag queens’ are an adult expression of LGBT communities. Even they admit that. Strip dancing, sexuality, cross dressing, sexualised content, adult entertainment. If it’s targeted …

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McBLOG Another wasted TV documentary

McBLOG: Another ‘wasted’ TV documentary

The media’s focus on the liberalisation of drug laws continued. Last week, it was Radio NZ’s documentary by Guyon Espiner called “Wasted” – also shown on …

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mcblog mates dates cancelled

McBLOG: ‘Mates & Dates’ is being cancelled!

We have some great news about the ‘Mates and Dates’ programme which has been indoctrinating harmful and confusing gender fluidity and sexuality ideology into our schools for far too long – but we took the blowtorch to it.

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FAMILY MATTERS: Hate speech laws intersect with ‘progressive’ Christianity

The government is struggling to define exactly what ‘hate speech’ is. In this episode of Family Matters, Samuel Bilton argues that our government is happy with such a vague definition.

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McBLOG: What’s it like as a 14 y/o sitting through ‘Mates & Dates’?

Jonah* is a 14 year old. He tells us what it’s like to sit through a ‘Mates & Dates’ programme as the presenters extol the …

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McBLOG: A “Wasted” opportunity for a balanced drug debate

The media continue to campaign for liberalisation of drug laws – and their latest attempt is via the state radio broadcaster Radio NZ and a …

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McBLOG: More red flags on ‘Mates & Dates’ programme

Hayley and her husband were both trained as a facilitator of the ACC ‘Mates & Dates’ programme. Hayley lasted one term because she quickly realised …

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mcblog euthanasia

McBLOG: Glamorising euthanasia in Canada

The problem with legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia is that something that was previously NOT an option is now clearly an option – it’s normalised. …

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mcblog abortion procedure

McBLOG: You must watch “The Procedure”

If you need some incentive to attend the March for Life this Saturday in Wellington, here it is. Pro life group CHOICE42 and Loor have partnered to bring the truth about abortion in an animated video.

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mcblog personal pronouns

McBLOG: Personal pronouns matter… except when they don’t

Apparently we all need to determine and display our personal pronouns. If you work for a woke government service or organisation, then you’ll be pressured …

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stuff fake news media

McBLOG: Stuff reveals their bias – again!

You’ll remember our McBlog episode last week on yet another media hit-job on Bethlehem College – a successful school with values and a waiting list …

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mcblog - drop in dope smoking

McBLOG: A welcome drop in dope smoking

There were some interesting stats out last week – but for some reason the media didn’t want to know about it and definitely didn’t want …

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mcblog warning about dates and mates

McBLOG: A mum’s warning about ‘Mates & Dates’

The “Mates & Dates” programme in schools is an ACC programme for children 13 years up, and sold as a programme around healthy relationships, the …

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mcblog hate speech

McBLOG: Major Government backdown on ‘hate speech’ laws

We speak to Professor Paul Moon from AUT about the significant backdown by the Government over the proposed hate speech laws. What does the proposed …

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franklin graham interview

FAMILY MATTERS: A chat with Rev. Franklin Graham

We had 15 minutes with Rev Franklin Graham just before he preached to a packed stadium in Auckland. We discuss many topics, incl. ‘cancel’ culture, ‘progressive’ Christianity, God’s ‘inclusive’ love for everyone.

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babies vs planet

McBLOG: For the planet’s sake, don’t have babies!

Sunday programme was back with yet another anti-family narrative. This week, it was “don’t have babies – the environment can’t handle them”.

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mcblog disinformation project fake news

McBLOG: “Disinformation” Comedy Hour

So who exactly is spreading disinformation? At the same time as the government was making noises about hate speech laws, the government state broadcaster TVNZ …

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