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It’s important to be informed and to then share important information with others. Here are a series of “Fact Sheets” containing a detailed summary of the key facts relating to major issues facing New Zealand families. You can view or download these fact sheets (in pdf format). 

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gender education

Gender & Sexuality Education

Parents – be warned. The Government declared at the beginning of 2022 that they were launching a new offensive to push radical sexuality and gender ideology at your children. When you see the full programme, you won’t be too comfortable with it.

Hate Speech

In a free and open society, distasteful opinions are met with open inquiry, civil dialogue and debate. If I don’t like what you say, even if I find it offensive, I meet your ideas with my own in an attempt to discover something approaching the truth. But this is all about to change, with potentially devastating consequences.


There are two types of surrogacy: In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s egg is used, making her the genetic mother. Pregnancy is usually achieved by artificial insemination, using the sperm of an ‘intended’ parent or a donor. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo is created using an ovum and sperm from the ‘intended’ parents or donors. The embryo is then implanted in the surrogate. So the surrogate is not the genetic mother.

Conversion Therapy

In passing the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Act 2022, Parliament has effectively criminalised the discussion and practice of alternatives to hormones, surgery and confusion for gender dysphoria – and more troubling, they have criminalised self-determination of how a person wants to live their own life.

"Pleasure Project"

We think the government is using state funded media to soften us up for what’s coming next in gender and sexuality education. Sex Education is now called “Relationships and Sexuality Education” (RSE). The updated policy was released by the Ministry of Education in 2020 and is based on a whole-school approach with Relationships and Sexuality at the heart of the education system.


The Abortion Legislation Act 2020 is one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. The law has given the unborn baby the same status as an appendix, gall bladder or tonsils – simply ’tissue’ removed as part of a ‘health procedure’.


An epidemic of ‘childhood gender dysphoria’ is sweeping the Western world. Having exploded from rarity less than a decade ago, there is now an exponential increase in the number of children being presented to specially created units in children’s hospitals with the complaint ‘they have been born in the wrong body’ and ‘belong’ in that of the opposite sex.


When drug advocates talk about marijuana, they’re not referring to the 2%-THC of the ‘Woodstock weed’ era. Potency – the amount of THC (the psychoactive chemical in cannabis) – has been increasing steadily in the past few decades. It's now a much harder drug.

Birth Certificates

The Government is changing the law around birth certificates, which will deem them meaningless, and which will continue its pushing of confusing ‘gender ideology’. This is all being done under the Births, Death, Marriages, and Relationships Bill. Birth certificates will be based on the ‘choice’ of the person (self-identification).


EUTHANASIA is the act of intentionally, knowingly, and directly causing the death of a patient, at the request of the patient. If someone other than the person who dies performs the last act, euthanasia has occurred.


At this stage it would appear that the Anti-Smacking Law is failing. Not only has the ban failed to reduce the harm perpetrated against children, but it has increased the harm inflicted by children.

Critical Theory

The term Critical Theory refers to a way of seeing and thinking about the world around us in a “critical” way; that is to look critically for ways in which people are being unjustly oppressed. It wants to deconstruct all traditional systems, structures and institutions, particularly when they are being used to impose social, political or economic power by one group over another.


Marriage is foundational. Throughout history and in virtually all human societies, marriage has always been a union between men and women. Marriage predates both the organised church and the state. The State should not presume to re-engineer a natural human institution.

More Fact Sheets Coming Soon

More Fact Sheets Coming Soon

Printed Fact Sheets to Order

You can now order printed copies of our detailed Fact Sheets. Each of the topics (Hate Speech, Conversion Therapy etc.) are ordered as a pack of 50 Fact Sheets, or you can request a special bulk-order.

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