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Homeless women more likely to be younger, Māori and sole parents – study

NewsHub 13 June 2021
A new study has found women who are homeless earn significantly less income and rely more on government support than men who are homeless.

Otago University research analysed data of nearly 400 men and women who were homeless before being re-housed by Housing First services.

The research found women were more likely than men to be younger, Māori, and sole parents.

Brodie Fraser, a research fellow at the university’s He Kainga Oranga – the Housing and Health Research Programme, authored the report.

They argued it was critical to know the difference between homeless men and women.

“To address the issue to the best of our ability, we need to know more about the different experiences of different groups, and that includes women.

“In New Zealand, about 50 percent of our overall homeless population are women, which is internationally quite rare.

“It’s really important for us that we know what these experiences are, and what these women are going through.”

The study compared 390 men and women who had been homeless and were then re-housed. Women made up 54 percent of the group.
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