Everything is ‘racist’, from birds to master bedrooms

As racist as apple pie: Media’s obsession with the label ‘racist’
Fox News 27 June 2021
Family First Comment: Bird’s have a racist legacy.
Yoga has a racist problem.
An ice cream truck’s jingle has a racist history.
Climate racism is real.
Certain fonts are racist.
Picnics are racist.
Ironically, all the media reporting this are also all racist.

Living is sooooooo complicated these days!

If you’re planning to enjoy a warm slice of apple pie for Independence Day, beware that you may be contributing to, according to a column in The Guardian, an American tradition of “stolen land, wealth, and labor.”

And remember that when you see the distinctive yellow coloring of an Audobon’s Warbler, you may be admiring what the Washington Post calls the bird’s “racist legacy.”

And if you take yoga classes, you may need to find a new chosen method of fitness. According to Glamour magazine, the practice has a “racist problem.”

These are not isolated incidents. Mainstream media has made a sport of finding racism in innocuous places.

According to NPR, the “racist history” of the ice cream truck’s jingle has finally caught up to it. That outlet also told readers racism has infiltrated our roads, and Cornell University has introduced a course on the racial implications of black holes.

E&E News informed readers that “Climate Racism is Real,” noting “lower-income residents and people of color are more likely to live in the hottest neighborhoods in cities across the country.”
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