Rapid antigen tests a “critical tool for managing Omicron”

For some time we’ve been advocating for the addition of rapid antigen tests (RATs) in the fight against Covid-19. Now even Dr Michael Baker is finally agreeing with us:

“Public health expert Michael Baker said rapid antigen tests, which could be used at home, could confirm positive status among people with symptoms, if a rapid escalation of case numbers made access to traditional testing – PCR tests –and contact tracing too difficult.”

Health experts say rapid antigen tests (RATs) will be a critical tool for managing Omicron in New Zealand, but the Government has yet to determine how they will be used.

GP and Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners medical director Bryan Betty said if Omicron arrived in New Zealand today, there would not be enough RATs.

“The more we get into the country the better. How many do we need … it’s a matter of saying as much as possible to cope with what potentially will happen.”

Betty said RATs should also be free to access.

Read full Stuff article here.


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