FAMILY MATTERS: Exposed! Radical Sexuality & Gender Indoctrination in NZ Schools

If you’re a parent or guardian of a young child, this could be one of the most important episodes of Family Matters that you watch.

The Government is launching a new offensive to push radical sexuality and gender ideology at your children, which – when you see the full programme – you won’t be too comfortable with. In fact, you may be quite angry. In this episode, we analyse the relationships and sexuality education guidelines. We also look at some of the external programmes that may be used in your child’s school, including Family Planning’s disturbing “Navigating the Journey” programme. Most importantly, we’ll show you how you can protect your child from this dangerous indoctrination.

The Ministry of Education, academics and radical groups will hate this presentation because they really don’t want you as a parent to be fully aware of what’s happening. Otherwise, they would have consulted with you when developing it. But they didn’t, did they. Let’s not leave the door open for our children to be taught about sexuality and gender theory by the voices of people whose agendas and values don’t align with ours. It’s time to pushback – for the sake of our children.

[WARNING: Viewer discretion advised. Parts of the episode are unsuitable for viewing by young children.]

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