McBLOG: An MP mentioned ‘mother’ and ‘father’ and all hell broke loose

If you use the term ‘father’ and ‘mother’ in Parliament, that’s fine. But if you’re a social conservative and you use the term ‘father’ and ‘mother’ in Parliament – you’ll be labelled “homophobic”. Why? Because they want social conservatives to shut up. Ignore them – and keep talking about mothers, fathers, strong marriages and families.


An MP talked about ‘mother’ and ‘father’ and all hell broke loose

When you mention mothers and fathers in Parliament – as happened last week – it causes a major storm. That’s how wacky our politics have become. Apparently homophobia is everywhere to be seen. And even if you can’t see it, call it anyway.

According to a report in Newshub – National MP Simon O’Connor denies he was suggesting same-sex couples shouldn’t be raising children when he stressed in a parliamentary debate that it should be the responsibility of the “mother and the father” to raise their child.

He says he was instead trying to make the point that fathers, who he says are often the ones paying child support, need to be involved in raising their children.

Politicians on Tuesday night considered the Child Support (Pass On) Acts Amendment Bill, which ensures all child support being paid to a beneficiary on a sole parent benefit goes to the parent. Currently, IRD takes the child support amount equal to the parent’s benefit and only pays them the excess.

During the debate, O’Connor said it was his personal view that it was the responsibility of parents to “look after their own children” and the State should “by and large” stay out of it. He said there are some “pragmatic and right reasons” for the State to assist.

Yep – that’s atrocious, isn’t it.

Marja Lubeck, a Labour MP who fortunately is leaving Parliament this year was VERY upset

National going from bad to worse. Simon O’Connor just now on the Child Support Bill: “It is the responsibility of the mother and the father – and I’m being deliberately with my language here – the mother and the father to raise the child”.

And then Justice Minister Kiri Allen got very upset also

On the note of speeches in the House last night, let’s highlight the substance of what was being said by members. On Child Support, here’s Simon O’Connor giving National’s view on who parents can be. #MothersAndFathers #NoHomo

O’Connor has got the backing of his leader Christopher Luxon, who says the Tamaki MP was instead “trying to beat up on deadbeat dads” who need to step up and take responsibility for their children. But all the reporters could talk about was “homophobia” “homophobic”

But here’s the REALLY interesting thing. Who else talked about mothers and fathers in the same session

Well…………… I’m glad you asked.

Here’s ACT MP Karen Chhour talking about fathers

Here’s National MP Louise Upston

Name a father!!!!??? What about lesbian couples?!!! Where’s Kiri Allan when we need her

Here’s Labour MP Emily Henderson who also is fortunately leaving parliament soon – but she talks about mums!!!! What about same sex dads?????

But here’s the worst example – and its from a Labour MP – you’ll need to sit down because the speech is dripping with homophobia. Have a listen to Sarah Pallett

I’m shocked at the homophobia in that speech. I tried to find a tweet from Kiri Allan about this.

Why was Simon O’Connor targeted again?

Ah it’s because he’s a social conservatives, and according to most of the media and Labour, Greens and ACT, the sooner we get rid of them, the better.

But we ain’t going anywhere, are we!

But you do know we’re in big trouble when a discussion about fatherlessness and the needs for the parents of a child to be committed to raising that child deteriorates into a slandering match about so-called homophobia. They really have lost the plot haven’t they.

Every child has a biological mother and biological father. That’s a fact.

Oh – just one other funny thing

Kiri Allan was so focused on calling out homophobia that she forgot to focus on giving a proper speech – and ended up repeating an exact speech from an earlier reading

Here’s her speech

And here’s the earlier speech

Hee! Identical.

And Kiri is the Minister of Justice and is supposed to know the law and how the process works.

Maybe law making should be her priority – not calling out someone for saying mother and father.


What we learnt last week was that if you talk about fathers and mothers in Parliament, that’s fine. But if you’re a social conservative and you talk about mothers, fathers, marriage and strong families – you’ll be labelled homophobic. Why? Because they want to shut you up.

Don’t let them.

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