McBLOG: Labour female politicians struggle to define woman

Over the last week, there have been two Labour politicians who have struggled to define or understand what a woman is – one an ex-Prime Minister of Australia – the first woman PM of Australia for that matter – and the other a current female MP in the NZ Labour Party. They need our help.


Over the last week, there have been two Labour politicians who have struggled to define or understand what a woman – one an ex PM of Australia, and the other a current MP in the NZ Labour Party

So Australia’s first female Prime Minister – yes first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been slammed for giving a waffling four-minute answer to the simple question: ‘What is a woman?’

The former Labor Party leader was speaking on the topic of ‘women’s advancement’ at Government House in Adelaide, South Australia, just over a week ago when audience member and women’s rights activist Biddy O’Loughlin put her on the spot with one of the most difficult questions in the world – since about 5 minutes ago in human history. Ms O’Loughlin asked ‘What is a woman?’

Now Julia Gillard knows – because when she was PM, did I tell you the first woman PM, she called Tony Abbott the leader of the Liberal party – the opposition – a misogynist. It was a speech that went viral.

Before I show you the clip of the speech, a misogynist according to Wikipedia is “hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. It is a form of sexism that is used to keep women at a lower social status than men, thus maintaining the social roles of patriarchy.” According to Oxford Dictionary, a misogynist is “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

So Julia Gillard obviously knows what a woman is – because you have to to be able to use the word Misogyny.

So here’s parts of her fiery speech – a fiery speech delivered by a woman because she is a woman and she don’t like misogyny. And the clip is from a documentary that was made 10 years on from her fiery speech as a woman against misogyny – with lots of other women who felt the moment also……

So… it’s pretty clear she knows what a woman is – because she’s felt the misogyny of a man! And as a woman, she’s had enough.

So back to our ‘women’s advancement’ meeting at Government House in Adelaide a week ago. Julia – what is a woman?

See if you can hear the answer

According to media reports, her comments inflamed critics, with some condemning her for ‘betraying’ the women’s rights movement. Independent Victorian MP Moira Deeming said ‘Tragically, it was our first female Prime Minister that presided over the erasure of sex based rights in Australia. Now she frames reasonable questions and complaints about the consequences, as petty bigotry.’

Sky News host Rita Panahi accused Ms Gillard of ‘floundering hopelessly’ over the simple question. ‘We’ve seen that question stump many gutless bureaucrats and politicians, but I never thought that Australia’s first female prime minister, the first woman in the lodge as leader of this great nation, would be incapable of answering ‘what is a woman?’ but here we are, … she stands firmly with the trans activists that have hijacked the Left and modern feminism.’

But it’s not just Australian women politicians that are struggling. Over the weekend, we found out that Labour women politicians are also struggling.

At a candidates meeting in Manurewa South Auckland on Saturday night hosted by The Daily Examiner NZ, the candidates were asked “can a woman have a penis?”

Now, in case you’re not sure or are reaching for Google right now, the answer is an emphatic NO. A woman cannot have a penis.

And all the candidates got the answer correct – except from one woman… Labour… Member of Parliament. Arena Williams.

Now there’s obviously something in the water in Manurewa because the previous MP for that electorate was Louisa Wall who also couldn’t figure it out as we saw during the oral submissions on the conversion therapy bill

But here’s the confusion from the current MP from over the weekend

Wow – women politicians from the Labour party seem to be struggling with what is a woman.

All the more reason for you to sign our petition requesting that woman’ is to be defined as ‘an adult human female’ in all our laws, public policies and regulations.

It’s already been signed by more than 20,000 people.

Sign it today – for the sake of Julia Gillard and Arena Williams. They need all the help they can get.

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