March For Life - We Love Them Both

March For Life – “We Love Them Both”

March For Life takes place this year on Saturday, 2 December. It will be the seventh annual March for Life. This latest media release from March for Life NZ provides an excellent summary of the purpose and significance of the annual march, and the importance of continuing to fight for the protection of the unborn child.


1 December 2023

March For Life – “We Love Them Both”

Hundreds of families from all over New Zealand will join together to celebrate life and march to Parliament Grounds from the Civic Centre at 2 pm on Saturday, 2 December, for the seventh annual National March for Life.

For well over forty years, our country has had legislation of various kinds that says not all unborn children have a right to life.  Almost 600,000 lives have been lost to abortion.  Human lives that could have had bright futures.  Human lives that mattered.

The recent Abortion Services Report shows a substantial increase in reported abortions.  In 2022 there were 14,164 abortions, the highest in ten years.  The average is 38 per day, and 272 per week.

Abortion not only takes the life of a human being, it wounds women physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Fathers and families are negatively impacted.  Whole generations are wiped out.

Both lives matter, and both deserve support to thrive despite difficulties.

New Zealanders love women and their unborn children, and we want the law to reflect that love.

Many women choose abortion because they feel they have no other choice.

The harmful impact abortion has on women, men, families, and Maori will be highlighted by speakers at Parliament Grounds.

Featured at Civic Square will be some of the supports and options available for pregnant women facing difficulties or for those who have experienced abortion.

This gathering of families to celebrate life sends a crucial message to New Zealand about the value of life and the unborn child.  It highlights the need for adequate support to be in place for pregnant women so they know they are not alone.

The March will be a hope-filled, family-friendly, national March for Life.  The event will conclude with speeches at Parliament Grounds.

The National March For Life is supported by several family organisations, including Focus on the Family, Voice for Life, Family First, Right to Life, Family Life International, Promise Keepers, NZ Catholic Bishops Conference, Jesus for NZ, Hillary’s Law, Couples for Christ, Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand, NZ Christian Network and the John Paul II Centre for Life in Christchurch.

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