NZ Sperm Donor sentenced

NZ Sperm Donor sentenced to prison for sexual offending against children

A serial sperm donor who donated to several Kiwi women has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for sexual offending against children. There were also serious charges related to possessing and distributing child exploitation material.

27 year old Liam ‘Chappy’ Nixon was donating his sperm via a New Zealand fertility clinic. Nixon said he’d donated “the maximum number of times” through the clinic, adding “he would have liked the opportunity to meet any children he fathered”. Errr, we bet that is no longer happening. Nixon had earlier revealed he started thinking about becoming a sperm donor when he was just a teenager!

“I decided to become a sperm donor to help other people and for the curiosity.” said Nixon.

Shockingly, it appears the clinic that facilitated Nixon’s sperm donations hadn’t been conducting police checking on donors, but said it “has now strengthened its vetting processes for donors”, and has decided that future donors will be subject to police checking… Cold comfort for the numerous women who’d been the recipients of Nixon’s sperm.

Nixon had also appeared on YouTube channels to talk about donating his sperm.

Sarah*, one of the women who received Nixon’s sperm through the clinic, said she had no idea about Nixon’s sexual offending when they met online, as it had not yet been reported on. She fell pregnant, but miscarried in the first trimester. She then found out months later via a Facebook post that Nixon was facing a raft of serious charges.

“It felt like I’d been kicked in the chest by a horse. I felt physically ill… Once it sunk in, I felt a massive wave of relief, I felt so thankful that I never conceived a child to him.”

Sarah said…

“His actions to his child victims and also the women he lied to impacted many lives.”

Another woman, Emma, who received Nixon’s sperm and had to have her final embryo destroyed after learning of his offending, said his sentence is a “kick in the guts”.

“So many lives crushed by what this person has done, the victims, their families and women like me who picked his profile to be a sperm donor only to have my dream of becoming a mum destroyed.”

Emma said she wants to see donors vetted “every year they are active” in order to ensure donors aren’t offending or being investigated by police while they are donating.

She said she wants the clinic to use her experience to educate future donors and recipients about what can go wrong when using a sperm donor.

* not her real name

**Note – This post was written by Family First staff writers.

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