McBLOG: Drag queens say the quiet bit out loud

The mainstream media, left wing politicians and commentators say that the opposition to sexualised drag queens reading to children in libraries ( but not to elderly people in rest homes, interestingly) is just “imported American culture wars from the far right”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the drag queens themselves admit that.


Library drag queens say the quiet bit out loud

There’s been a lot of furore around drag queens reading books in libraries, hasn’t there. But somebody sent me an interview on Breakfast on TVNZ from back in 2020 when it all started – and was promoted by the left wing ideology of Breakfast also (part of the reason it’s lost so much audience over the past couple of years.

But as you watch this 2020 interview, and then listen to an interview from just last week featuring the same drag queens, it all starts to add up. And the drag queens actually say the quiet bits out loud.

The mainstream media and politicians and commentators say that the opposition to sexualised drag queens reading to children (they don’t read to elderly people in rest homes interestingly) – the opposition to drag queens in libraries is just “imported American culture wars from the far right”. Well, actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

Back in 2020, TVNZ’s Breakfast interviewed two drag queens in an attempt to publicise and promote their tour around the country.

This is who they are – and as you’ll notice, they’re reading to sell-out audiences – NOT

So on Breakfast on TVNZ Interviewer Matty McLean was very excited by all of this and it was literally a puff piece for the concept. Let’s have a watch because there’s a couple of really revealing statements made. Yeah, Im sorry you have to watch Breakfast – but for the purposes of research and revealing what’s really going on, it’s worth it. I won’t show all of it, you’ll be glad to hear.  This is Erika and CoCo Flash with an excited Matty McLean.

Ah! So the drag queens reading in libraries were specifically imported from the US. The opposition isn’t the imported part as we were told.

So who brought it here

Taranaki district library. Started in Hawera. I don’t think the good people of Hawera would be too stoked with that legacy. But obviously the local library definitely had an agenda in mind.

And its fascinating that Matty thinks it’s more appropriate in a place that’s a bit more liberal? Why is that, Matty. Bullying is everywhere. Clowns are everywhere.

No – it’s pushing an LGBT theme. We all know that.

Let’s continue

Whoops – said another quiet bit out loud. It’s not anti bullying. It’s rainbow stories. LGBT.

Well, we already knew that.

Matty works hard to sell the programme.

And as you listen to this, note that having dress ups is very different to cross dressing with make-up and overtly sexualised costuming eh.

yeah you can do anti-bullying that without the cross-dressing and LGBT stories of gender confusion eh

But then they talk about Adult storytime – what’s adult about bullying – and why can’t children watch? Well we all know the answer to that eh. Sexual content overload – from two drag queens

And then this bit. And once again we find out the real agenda of what they’re doing. It’s very revealing.

She’s come to all our story times. A biological boy believes he’s a girl. Already come out to the class. Now to the whole school. And we hear of course about the need to push the T of LGBT – the gender confusion and chemicalising and castrating confused children. Shocking. But this is all good for our state broadcaster.

Yep 7 minutes proof of why 1 Breakfast isn’t worth even a minute viewing

The final bit


So that was 2020. We should have heeded the warning then. It was probably only COVID that prevented them travelling for a couple of years.

But it’s been in the news more recently as parental power has started to rise up in the shadow of the radical relationships and sexuality curriculum. Parents are finally starting to see the bigger agenda here. Thankfully.

So Sean Plunket had an interview on The Platform where he spoke with one half of the drag queens – and ironically one of them is a female – so it’s a female dressing up as a female.

She started simply dressing as Amy Winehouse at Bingo nights.
Here’s the interesting bit – then came the call

South Taranaki district library. The libraries went looking for this. It was never organic. It was imported culture war by the libraries.

In fact here’s the librarian with the 2 drag queens. You can quickly see that its not anti-bullying. It’s pushing you know what. Check the colours.

But the next part of the interview is even funnier. Drag queens in libraries is based on anti-bullying – or so we’re told. How was the programme developed – and what qualifications did they have to develop such a programme?

A dance teacher – specialising in anti-bullying programmes. Yeah right.

But wow – ratepayers are paying well. That’s you paying eh

Why don’t they call it anti-bullying for children – rather than “rainbow story time with drag queens”.

We all know why. And in fact during the rest of the interview on The Platform,  she admits that she is an activist for the LGBT movement.

Finally, here’s the drag queen concerned. Apparently there’s nothing sexual about it. it’s just a dress up.

Parents – keep up the pressure. We don’t want this imported stuff in front of our children. They have enough sexualisation in society.

Protect your children.

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