“Why Mothers Matter” Report Celebrates Role Of Mothers

Media Release 11 May 2018
As part of the celebration of Mother’s Day this year, Family First NZ has released a report entitled “Why Mothers Matter” which provides a concise but broad and well-documented overview of the distinct way mums love, care for, protect and teach their children, drawing from the last few decades of leading research from the worlds of professional child psychology and child-development science.

The most significant differences explained in the report include the physical difference of mothers to fathers in their interaction with the child; the different styles of play, problem-solving, protecting and discipline of the children; and the important role of mums in a child’s language development and her influence as the child develops into a young woman or man.

The author says: Mothers have irreplaceable influence in each of these essential areas of healthy child development while usually unaware they are doing anything unique or important. Mum’s femininity not only gave birth to and nourished her children, but helps them develop into the unique, healthy and influential human beings society requires. New Zealand cannot exist without her. She does what no other person in the life of every human being can do.

“In a world that seems fixed on diminishing the unique roles of each parent, Stanton draws on extensive research from child psychologists and from child development science, highlighting the fact that mothers are different to fathers in what they bring to parenthood. For the best outcomes for a child, both mothers and fathers are key to a child’s biological, psychological and emotional development,” says Sue Reid, spokesperson on family issues for Family First.

“Our modern society seems ‘bent on equality’ – but our roles are different. Stanton addresses in this report the need to acknowledge that each parent contributes to the success and function of the family in different ways. Mothers are crucial for both sons and daughters. They not only role-model for their own daughters but they influence a son to be wired to care for and protect women around them.”

“As a mother, this research paper is an important commentary. In this ever-changing modern world, it is paramount that we stop, pause in our busy world, and consider the significant role of the mothers in our midst.”

The report is part one of a two-part series. Part two will consider Why Fathers Matter.

The author Glenn Stanton is the Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs and holds a graduate degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from the University of West Florida with an emphasis in philosophy and history. He has been working professionally as a respected researcher in the field of sexuality and gender for nearly 25 years. He is the author of seven books on various aspects of marriage and family.


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