New Parent Resource Guide on Transgender Trend

Family First NZ has published a new resource Responding To The Transgender Issue – Parent Resource Guidedesigned to educate and assist parents as their children head back to school for the new year.  

Many young people today are wondering if they were “born in the wrong body”, and with popular endorsements coming from the culture, law, and even the medical establishment, the transgender phenomenon has gone from idea to trend. A compassionate and honest approach to such sexual confusion would be to help children bring their feelings into accord with the reality of their bodies, but transgender activists are pushing an agenda that insists the body should be remade to conform with feelings. As such, the transgender trend spreads a confusing message to all kids, including those who struggle to accept their sex.

Regrettably, this trend is also taking root in some schools where policies and curriculum are being used to advance these radical ideas. Some students as young as kindergarten are being taught that changing sex is as easy as changing clothes, teen girls are discovering that biological boys have free access to their changing rooms, and parents are kept in the dark when their child has decided to identify as transgender during the school day.

A better approach would be for schools to create a climate that welcomes every student by making room for a greater diversity of personalities without negating the importance of bodily sex.

This Guide is designed to:

  • help parents understand the basics of the transgender trend and its consequences
  • understand the implications of transgender activism and “gender-inclusion” policies in schools
  • explain parental rights, and give parents the tools to communicate with school leaders in order to protect their children’s rights to privacy
  • encourage parents and school officials to work together to create a respectful school environment
  • help parents advocate for common sense policies that will respect the dignity of all students
  • help schools act with compassion toward everyone involved in the conversation

The Guide offers a wealth of constructive ideas for parents who want to work with their schools in a respectful manner to foster a genuinely inclusive climate based on truth and compassion.

Family First hopes that the Guide will help parents make a positive and effective case for policies that encourage acceptance and diversity in a way that communicates to every student they were born in the right body.

Further copies of the Guide can be downloaded for free from our website

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