FAMILY MATTERS: Why New Zealand needs more babies

New Zealand’s fertility rate has reached an all-time low, with an average of 1.60 births per woman. This is well below the population replacement level of 2.1 required.

And it’s not just NZ. By the year 2100, 183 out of 195 countries are predicted to have a fertility rate below the replacement level.

So why is the rate dropping? Reasons include maternal education, delaying childbirth, economic pressures, falling marriage rates, and now couples face additional pressure from environmentalists. They’re being told to limit or reject childbearing as the best way to reduce the “carbon footprint”.

But we need strong vibrant families of all sizes – for economic growth, to care for an aging population, and so that we are not totally dependent on migration which most countries are now competing for.

Watch our latest episode of Family Matters as we discuss the urgency of this issue. The future of our country depends on it.

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