Success, as Government quietly changes policy on parental consent

One of the common themes of our recent Forum on the Family is the need to push back on some of the divisive and destructive social engineering that is coming at us with increasing regularity. So it’s encouraging to see this example of the Government having to make changes following on from public backlash.

Hopefully this message is an encouragement to you, that it’s possible to create positive change when we push back.

Many of you were horrified by the advice being given to children as young as 12 years old about the vaccine. We said that “the Ministry should be working with parents and persuading them about the importance of any health procedure – not working against them behind their back. It’s the erosion of parental responsibility and authority. It undermines the family dynamic which is essential for young people’s development.” Even our medical advisers expressed shock at the advice being given to children.

In the last 48 hours, the Government has very quietly and without fanfare just changed the advice. You can see the changes in this image.

Now it’s still not perfect – BUT note the improvements:

  • the advice is no longer directed specifically to the child
  • the age has been removed so that it’s a more general principle
  • by implication, it now realises that a 12-15 year old will not fully understand the issue and the possible health risks
  • most importantly, the blanket statement that “as a 12-15 year old your parent’s permission is not required” has been removed

 We have many other examples of what can happen when, on behalf of common sense and the vital role of parents & families, together we #pushback.

We will continue to call on government bodies to work with families, and not to undermine good parents. Thank you for standing with us as we speak up for families.

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