FAMILY MATTERS: The ‘3 Strikes’ law protects families

Gang-related shootings and the use of firearms in general – including against our police – have become disturbingly normal. In 2020, gun crime hit a new peak. Firearm related offences are nearly double that of just 10 years ago. And family violence is also sadly on the increase.
Now the government has announced that it’s going to scrap what we call the ‘3 Strikes’ Law – the law that gives clear consequences for repeat serious offenders.
[Ironically, this has been announced by the Minister of Justice Kris Faafoi who also wants to introduce hate speech legislation in case you offend someone by saying something mean, and wants to criminalise parents who affirm their daughters as girls and who want to stop their children going on puberty blockers. But let’s get rid of the law that targets the really serious crimes like murder and sexual violence.]
However, the data indicates that the ‘3 Strikes’ regime is accurately targeting the serious recidivist offenders.
The best and most obvious way to protect our communities from repeat violent offenders and from gun violence is to incapacitate the offenders. You can’t commit crimes against families and communities if you’re in prison. They are effectively being given two chances to stop their violent behaviour. Some would argue that’s 2 too many.
Scrapping the Three Strikes Law will do nothing to protect families and communities from worsening levels of family harm, violent crimes and gun violence.


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