FAMILY MATTERS: Why the prostitution law is failing New Zealand

If you listened to the government or the media, you would possibly think that the decriminalisation of prostitution in 2003 was fantastic for women, and fantastic for New Zealand. It’s time to think again. We’ve just released an indepth review of the effects of the prostitution law change. “IS IT WORKING? An Evidenced-Based Review of the Decriminalisation of Prostitution in New Zealand” has been written by kiwi researcher Tony Pitt and Helen Johnson from Stand Against Sexual Exploitation which based in the UK. The detailed analysis has been based on government data and multiple Official Information Act (OIA) requests over several years, and it challenges the assumption and the prevailing narrative that the law reform has been a raging success. In fact, it reveals a huge gap between the reputation of the law and its actual impact.

Read the full report:

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