Relationships & Sexuality Education

RESEARCH – Relationships & Sexuality Education – An Analysis for Parents & Caregivers

The Relationships and Sexuality Education Guidelines (or RSE for short) are a new set of proposals produced by the Ministry of Education and released in September last year. Despite being well-intentioned (with an aim to create more inclusive school environments and reduce bullying), these proposals are for the most part ideological, and while their content is portrayed as scientific, they have no basis in science. This should be concerning to all parents and caregivers.

Primary age students are now being targeted with the confusing and dangerous message that changing sex is as easy as changing clothes, girls are discovering that biological boys have free access to their changing rooms, and the curriculum states that parents are able to be kept in the dark when their child has decided to identify as transgender during the school day.

In the new curriculum for primary age children, requirements include:
* students should be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns
* schools need to ensure that students can access toilets and changing rooms that align with their gender identification… trans students should not be required to use the gender-neutral toilet rather than male or female toilets of their choice
* challenge sex norms – for example, the assumption that sex characteristics at birth are always male or female
* challenge homophobia, transphobia, sexism, gender binaries… interrogate the ongoing effects of colonisation
* labelling uniform items by gender is an exclusionary practice
* In Science, consider how biological sex has been constructed
* In Social Science, research the #MeToo movement
(our emphasis added)

Our new report deals with the following issues:
• the new curriculum is rife with dangerous misinformation;
• it seeks to inject sexuality education into the rest of curriculum;
• it wants schools to implement controversial and divisive policies; and
• it puts schools at risk of becoming ideological and indoctrinatory spaces.

Read the short report – and see for yourself the agenda that the Ministry of Education is trying to push in your child’s school/s.

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