Never-ending ‘progress’ of progressivism

Where do we end up as a society when we stray too far off-centre? Unfortunately we land on the progressive left, also known as “progressivism” and “democratic socialism.” Progressivism sounds enticing doesn’t it, as if it’s simply progress? Sadly it is retrograde – the complete dismantling of our society as we know it. Progressivism is fuelled by the liberal left, juiced-up on marxist steroids. 

Progressivism is broadly defined as

A social or political movement that aims to represent the interests of ordinary people through political change and the support of government actions.

Source: Wikipedia

Notice the key words in that definition – political change, government actions.

However, the socialist elites that push progressive agendas are actually out of touch with the ordinary people they claim to fight for. According to research, the Progressive Left are generally very liberal, highly educated and white – yet most want institutions and systems to be dismantled and completely rebuilt because of racial and gender bias. They are in favour of a much bigger and greatly expanding government, pushing out their progressive systems and services.

Of deep concern is that progressivism seems to have taken root in most of our institutions, especially within academia, media, government, and corporations.

Pillars of the progressive belief system

To summarise, the pillars of a progressive belief system are:

  • Neo-Marxism
  • Dismantling of current institutions
  • Much bigger, expanding Government
  • An obligation to intervene in economic and social affairs
  • Equity of outcomes (instead of equal opportunities)
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Gender Ideology
  • Shutting down debate, critical thinking and freedom of speech (unless of course, it’s coming from a progressive)
  • Wokeism
  • Urban-centric worldview

Other names for progressivism are democratic socialism, and social liberalism. Make no mistake, these attempts to rebrand don’t remove the underlying ideologies; Progressivism = Liberalism x Marxism.

Progressivism is dangerous far-left ideology, that rapidly declines into intolerance, superiority complex, cancel culture, increasing interventions by the state, and policing the speech and beliefs of others.

There’s no room for God and Christianity in the Progressive Playbook.

Examples of well-known progressive politicians include Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, US Vice-President Kamala Harris, and US Democrat politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Finnish Prime Minister Marin Sanna is also a key member of the progressive political elite. Marin is a social democrat who describes herself as coming from a “rainbow family”, having been raised by same-sex parents. She is also a vegan.

Jacinda Ardern – the poster-child for progressivism 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also described herself as both a progressive and a democratic socialist. Asked by reporters to comment on the 2021 Budget, Ardern stated:

“I have always described myself as a Democratic Socialist.”

For many, Ardern is the poster-child for progressive politics.

The New York Times says

“Ardern is part of the club of young, progressive leaders, along with Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, trying to counter President Trump’s ugly impulses against the environment and multilateralism.” 

But is there an end-point for their progressiveness? We’re not sure there is any end-point, as progressivism demands change. In fact, it seems to demand the total dismantling of society’s foundations and institutions – much of which have been founded on Judeo-Christian principles. 

Example of never-ending progressivism in New Zealand

The controversial ‘Conversion Therapy’ ban is just one example from New Zealand politics where the radical progressive left are never satisfied, despite the ‘Conversion Therapy’ ban being passed into law. New Zealand LGBT rights activist Shaneel Lal says that the Bill banning conversion therapy ‘doesn’t go far enough’. Lal  says “When we look back in 10 years, we will realise this bill has failed the queer community”. Among many changes, they call for removing a section from the legislation which requires the attorney-general’s consent to prosecute someone under the Act.

For the sake of our nation, our society and our children, we must pushback against these progressive agendas. 

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