Australia – Gender Ideology in schools, ban on “boys & girls”

Much like New Zealand, extreme Marxist ideology is seeping into Australian school policies – including gender identity guidelines that attempt to ban the use of “boys and girls”, as well as teachers being encouraged to organise ‘non-gendered’ sports teams and activities.

Children attending school camps could also be allowed to use the toilets, showers and sleeping quarters of their ‘affirmed gender’ under draft guidelines sent out by the Northern Territory education department. It’s all part of the NT education department’s guideline – Diverse sex, sexuality and gender identity in schools.

Under these guidelines, use of gendered language like ‘boys and girls’ and ‘ladies and gentlemen’ are banned, instead being replaced by terms such as: students, class, crew, everyone, people or ‘Year X’.

Leftists and LGBTQI+ campaigners are of course in favour of these changes, but unsurprisingly there’s been pushback from conservative MPs and parents. Country Liberal Party Senate candidate Jacinta Price slammed the guidelines, saying she was “stunned that the Gunner Government would even consider attempting to apply any Marxist ideology into our schooling system here in the Northern Territory”.

“It goes to show that the Northern Territory Government’s priorities are all mixed up”

Read more on SkyNews.

Kiwi parents must be alert, looking out for Marxism and extreme gender ideology being pushed on kids. Let’s not leave the door open for our children to be taught about sexuality and gender theory by people whose agendas and values don’t align with ours. It’s time to pushback – for the sake of our children.

Please watchFAMILY MATTERS: Exposed! The Radical Sexuality & Gender Indoctrination in Schools

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