FAMILY MATTERS: The new sexual morality & its impact on culture

Bob McCoskrie talks to Canadian scientist, engineer & philosopher Dr Kirk Durston about the work of JD Unwin, a 1930s Oxford anthropologist who studied 86 cultures for factors that led to their flourishing or demise. His conclusion from studying those cultures was that abandoning pre-marital sexual restraint and post-marital monogamy represented the tipping point into collapse of the culture, with “monotonous regularity” within three generations. Kirk explains from Unwin’s work how unbridled sexuality leads to a massive distraction for society. This in turn leaves no energy for progressing the culture around subjects such as great literature, art, and architecture. These notions become frowned upon and are accompanied by a focus on dismantling the conventional family unit. According to Kirk, Unwin highlights three consequences of crossing the tipping point of embracing unbridled sexuality:

1. Abandonment of absolute monogamy (decline in marriage rates, total sexual freedom)

2. Abandonment of belief in God (secularism in government & education)

3. Abandonment of rational thinking (believe what you want, irrespective of facts or logic)

[ Read Dr Durston’s full article on JD Unwin ]

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