FAMILY MATTERS: How to respond to THAT question – what IS a woman?

One of the trickiest questions in the world today is “what is a woman?” The sex/gender distinction is one of the most influential ideas of current times on the broader culture, both popular and academic. Philosopher Dr Tomás Bogardus says that upon investigation, the arguments for the sex/gender distinction have feet of clay. In fact, they all fail. Dr Bogardus explains how you can respond with both truth and respect when confronted with this question. Dr Tomás Bogardus is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Seaver College in Malibu, California. He gained his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin and now works mainly in metaphysics and epistemology, and is most interested in the mind-body problem and the rationality of religious belief. Tomás has published a number of papers including a 2020 paper entitled “Evaluating Arguments for the Sex/Gender Distinction”.

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