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Teacher keeps job after controversial sex-ed handout – parents outraged

Further to the story of a controversial and extreme sex-ed handout being given to pupils aged 11-13, the teacher responsible has kept her job. What’s of most concern is that the sex-ed document had been viewed by the school’s Head of Department prior to it being given to children. Despite outrage and complaints by parents, the Tauraroa Area School’s  principal said there were no grounds for her dismissal. Parent’s feel their complaints and concerns have been “brushed under the carpet”, with some mothers believing the damage to their children was irreversible.

Principal Grant Burns declined the Norther Advocate’s request for an interview. 

According to an article in the Northern Advocate, and NZ Herald:

Twenty-two parents have laid a joint formal complaint with Tauraroa Area School (TAS) about a handout given to pupils aged 11 to 13 that detailed five different legal classifications of sex – genital, digital, object, oral, and anal.

The two-page document also included details about different sexual acts, such as using hands and feet to “sexually pleasure someone”, and sex toys.

Some parents felt the handout had even gone so far as to break the law by intentionally exposing a person under the age of 16 to indecent material.

school approves document
*Note – The school had approved the sex-ed document.

Parents and grandparents need to be vigilant, inquiring into what their children are being taught as school.

Here’s some of that extreme sex-ed document given to 11-13 yr olds.


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