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SURVEY – Cost Of Living Top Concern Of Kiwis

MEDIA RELEASE – 13 November 2022

Cost Of Living Top Concern Of Kiwis – Poll

A new nationwide survey has found the cost of living is by far the most pressing concern of New Zealanders at the moment.

In the survey by Curia Market Research and commissioned by Family First NZ, 1,000 respondents were asked to name the three biggest issues that they are concerned about. However, unlike other similar polls, the respondents were given a blank sheet with no ‘suggestions’ of what might be a concern.

“This makes the survey unique in that there is no leading question. It is specifically what is top of mind for families in New Zealand at the moment, and for over half of New Zealanders it’s the cost of living at the moment. As we head into an important election year, voters will be especially looking for policies which tackle concerns around the cost of living, housing and health,” says Bob McCoskrie, CEO of Family First NZ.

The top 10 non-prompted responses were:

  1. Cost of Living 56%
  2. Housing 27%
  3. Economy 23%
  4. Health 21%
  5. Environment 15%
  6. Poverty 15%
  7. Others 14%
  8. Law & Order 12%
  9. Education 12%
  10. Covid-19 10%

In further breakdown, there was little difference between the concerns of women v men, although environment was higher for women and education was higher for men. There was also little difference for the top concerns between the age groups although jobs and poverty featured higher for the 18-39 age bracket.

Law and order was more important for provincial cities than other areas, and rural areas were concerned about leaders – perhaps in reference to the ongoing issues with farming and the rural sector.

Surprisingly, there was little difference in the concerns when broken down into deprivation levels. Cost of living, housing and health were top of mind irrespective of household income.

Based on party vote, the top five issues were identical for National and Labour voters. The cost of living was a significant concern for Green voters, and for parents of children.

A poll in July found that both women and those in the 18-39 age group were more likely to have taken specific actions already in response to the cost of living. Women were less likely to have gone out socialising and more likely to be working from home than men. 18-39 year olds were more likely to have skipped meals (34%) and borrowed money (30%) than other age groups.

Family First is calling on the introduction of price freezes on fuel and food to help combat the cost of living. Several European countries have capped prices for basic food groups such as sugar, flour, sunflower oil milk and some meats, as well as an interest rate freeze on mortgages (which the banks can well afford!) and utilities, and support and subsidies for young families entering the housing market.

The nationwide poll was carried out between November 3 to 8 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.


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