StraightTalk – No apologies. No compromise.

Straight to the heart of the matter – no apologies,  no compromise.  The Straight Talk panel discusses and debates the key issues without any constraints. Being unashamed social conservatives, the StraightTalk panel will give you the viewpoints and stories you won’t get from the media. Live-streaming each week, first episode begins Monday 6th March at 8pm.

Here’s our most recent episode, recorded on Monday 27th March…

And here is our StraightTalk promo video…

Starting in March, we have a brand new feature which you’ll be able to access and watch online and on your social media – live streaming straight to you and straight to the heart of the matter.

It’s called StraightTalk and each Monday evening at 8pm for an hour or so, we’ll be hosting a regular group of panellists and special guests who are unashamedly and unapologetically social conservatives. We’ll be discussing and debating issues that matter, without constraint, without compromise, – oh, and without government funding dictating to us what we should or shouldn’t say.

In this crucial election year, we’ll be covering important social issues – such as hate speech laws and have they really disappeared, freedom of religion, abortion, euthanasia, gender confusion, sexuality indoctrination in schools, law & order and crime in our communities, marriage, family, ‘conversion therapy’ bans, cannabis and other drugs, critical race theory, the role of parents, pornography, and many others.

Yes the mainstream media sometimes talk about these issues, but it’s usually a left wing viewpoint. It’s time you heard.. the other side.

StraightTalk, will be live streaming straight to your computer or phone, and straight to the heart of the matter – no apologies,  no compromise.

Join us each week. You can watch on our website or on our Youtube channel or our Facebook page.

You can share your comments to the panel and submit any questions you may have.

We’re going to be having some serious fun.

StraightTalk – each Monday evening starting in March. Funded by families – not the Government.

Join the conservative conversation.

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