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“Safe areas” around abortion services to be rolled out next month

Those seeking an abortion will be made all that safer with the first ‘safe areas’ being introduced around abortion service providers next month.  From August 25, safe areas will cover up to 150 metres around the premises of an abortion service clinic to “protect the safety, wellbeing, privacy and dignity” of those seeking and providing abortions.

In March 2022, the law – the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Act (2022) – was passed to allow the creation of safe areas. These areas are meant to protect the safety and dignity of everyone involved in the abortion process except the unborn child.

Safe areas will stop specific types of behaviour that could be considered distressing to a person accessing or providing abortion services.

Examples of some of these behaviors include approaching a person to provide information about abortion services (unless part of the provision of services), providing anti-abortion pamphlets or similar materials and attempts to dissuade a person from accessing abortion services. In other words, helping women by way of providing information about other choices available to them is not welcomed (within these safe areas).

Nope. Definitely not ‘safe’ for the unborn child.

And definitely not ‘safe’ for the long-term welfare of the mother either.

Original article published here: First ‘safe areas’ around abortion clinics to be introduced next month | Newshub

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