McBLOG: Radical abortion group highlights who NOT to vote for

ALRANZ which stands for Abortion Rights Aotearoa (yeah – not quite accurate eh!) are a tiny group that are radically pro-abortion and have an American activist as their leader. They’ve released their list of which parties are the most pro-death pro-abortion. If ALRANZ endorse the party, you should probably avoid them like the plague. You’ll be doing the unborn child and the pregnant mum a massive favour.


ALRANZ which stands for Abortion Rights Aotearoa – yeah they’re not that smart with their acronym are they – are a tiny group that are radically pro abortion and have an American activist as their leader – which is kind of ironic given what the left think of American activism happening in NZ. But ALRANZ (which should actually be ARA – which now that I think of it was the bus company in Auckland when I was growing up! My mother in law used to work for them many many years ago)

Anyway ALRANZ have released their list of which parties are most pro-death pro-abortion.

So basically, if ALRANZ like them, you should avoid them like the plague. You’ll be doing the unborn child a favour. And the pregnant mum.

Let’s check it out.

So AKRANZ are recommending certain parties to vote for because they love abortion. Let’s have a look at their rating system. Remember – if ALRANZ like the policy and the party, it’s a real bad sign and means that the party loves abortion and opposes the rights and recognition of the unborn child – and also can’t figure out what only women can get pregnant.

In fact, check out their recent tweet. It’s really quite funny.

In response to a conspiracy theory from Stuff journalist and abortion activist Paula Penfold about people in the “freedom movement” being concerned about the freedom of the unborn child to be born, the American activist from ALRANZ says:

Thank you! The rights of non-white, non-cis, non-men are never wholly secured.

Ok – I just have to pause and work that one through. Non- white. Non-cis (so doesn’t believe in biology). Non-men (so a woman).

Oh – so a non-white woman who doesn’t believe she’s a woman but isn’t a man. Clear as mud.

I suspect that Marama Davidson may be a paid-up member of ALRANZ.

So the categories examined by ALRANZ are

  • Law reform – in other words, supporting our most radical abortion law which allows abortion up to birth, with no foetal pain provision or parental involvement or ban on sex selection or disability abortions, – basically free abortions whenever, wherever, whoever, whatever
  • Safe areas – so feeling so threatened by pro life people praying and caring for women that you have to try and shut them out (pity we can’t do that to protestors who glue themselves to the motorway eh)
  • A comprehensive women’s health strategy (which is code for “free abortions whenever, wherever, whoever, whatever”)
  • Commitment to quality and accessible birth control (which is code for “free abortions whenever, wherever, whoever, whatever”)
  • Public commitment to reproductive justice through list selection and promotion of policies (which is basically a load of mumbo jumbo and code for “free abortions whenever, wherever, whoever, whatever”)

The scoring pattern is:

2 if you’re committed to abortion

1 if you’re committed to abortion but its not raging blatant

0 if you don’t shout what your policy is about killing the unborn

-1 if you dare to think that an unborn baby is a baby. Shocking. How dare you – in the infamous words of the Swedish teenage. How dare you.

Stolen my childhood? I’m one of the lucky ones.

Yep Greta – you were given life. Awesome.

So how did the parties do?

Well, according to ALRANZ who are actually ARA – but hey, accuracy isn’t important here,

10 out of 10 – they just love abortion and unborn children mean absolutely nothing, nothing at all

10 out of 10 goes to

Labour, Greens and The Opportunities Party.

No surprises at all!!!!!!!!!!!

The report card on Labour says:

80 per cent of the Labour Party caucus voted in favour of abortion law reform in 2020.  The top 5 on Labour’s current list (Chris Hipkins, Kelvin Davis, Carmel Sepuloni, Grant Roberston and Megan Woods) all voted in favour.   95 per cent of the Labour caucus voted in favour of safe areas, all MPs in the top 20 on Labour’s current list.

Praising the Greens:

The Green Party have been consistent and dedicated allies to the reproductive justice movement.  The entire caucus voted in favour of both law reform and safe areas.  The caucus has also been outspoken on issues of reproductive justice globally, issuing statements on things like the overturn of Roe v Wade in the United States.

Yep we already know that. The Green Party love abortion. They hate the rights of all unborn children. Nothing new.

Regarding TOP (and you may not be aware of this):

Despite not being in Parliament during law reform or safe areas, TOP have been dedicated and consistent advocates of reproductive justice (and great friends to ALRANZ).

National get 5/10

The National Party have a chequered history with reproductive rights.  Just 35 per cent of caucus voted in favour of law reform in 2020.  In the National Party’s current list, number 4 and 5 (Shane Reti and Paul Goldsmith) both voted no.  While all of the top 5 (along with 73 per cent of the caucus) voted yes to safe areas in 2022, ALRANZ is sceptical of National’s willingness to preserve or implement safe areas given Reti and Goldsmith would be the Ministers of Health and Justice (respectively) under a National-led government… ALRANZ is concerned about a National led government in large part due to the anti-choice beliefs of leader Christopher Luxon.  This is reflected in his caucus

Yep. Christopher Luxon, You’re a naughty boy, according to ALRANZ. We actually have some footage of Luxon receiving this terrible report card from ALRANZ

ACT get 3/10 which is kinda weird given that Seymour voted for abortion, has his deputy targeting the Tamaki seat because the National MP Simon O’Connor dares to be pro life – so you’d think ACT would get 12 out of 10. But no!

ALRANZ says “David Seymour) voted in favour of abortion law reform in 2020 and has been a long-standing proponent of the idea the state should not interfere in private medical decisions.  While ultimately voting yes to safe areas in 2022, David Seymour was the reason the provision was removed from law reform in 2020. 

Ah yes Davd Seymour changes around a bit, doesn’t he

Furthermore, both David Seymour and Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden have made public comments expressing concerns about safe areas and freedom of speech. ALRANZ is therefore unconvinced ACT would actually implement safe areas if they got into power.  There is no mention of anything related to women’s health, rights, or reproductive justice in the rest of ACT’s material for this election.”

Te Pati Maori get 2/10

Both Te Pāti Māori MPs voted yes on safe areas in 2022, but otherwise have shown little public engagement with issues of reproductive rights.  Some of this may be due to the health policy on their website being a dead link. 

Oh dear. Do they not get the irony of labelling it a “dead link”. Bad choice of words, ALRANZ. Don’t mention death or killing or murder. That’s pro abortion messaging 101. Don’t tell the truth of what it really is.

In other words TMP are not obsessed with abortion – and cause they’re not shouting it, they get punished – with a 2.

And NZ First get Minus 1.

New Zealand First were the only party to get a score in the negative numbers, in large part due to their complete silence on all issues of women’s rights and reproductive justice.

Ooh gee – was that because they weren’t in Parliament? Just maybe?

What we know is that 22 per cent of the New Zealand First caucus voted against law reform in 2020.  Winston Peters, Shane Jones and Mark Patterson all voted no

Actually it was more than that. 6 out of 8 MPs voted no to the abortion legislation in its final reading. ALRANZ are completely wrong on that.

So it’s Minus 1.

So, IF you want to vote for life, if you want to vote for the rights of the unborn child, vote for pregnant women being given hope and real options during their pregnancy, then simply turn this scorecard upside down and do the exact opposite of what ALRANZ says.

With Labour and Greens likely to form the next Opposition, I suspect that ALRANZ are not going to be very happy on Saturday 14th general election day.

But the unborn child at least will have some renewed hope. We need to turn that hope into reality.

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