McBLOG - What Chris said in the 2nd debate

McBLOG: What Chris said in the 2nd debate

Last week was the 2nd Leader’s Debate between Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and the person who wants to be the next Prime Minister Christopher Luxon. There were some interesting questions on abortion, gender ideology & policies in schools, and decriminalising cannabis. We check their responses.


Last week was the 2nd leader’s debate between PM Chris Hipkins and the person who wants to be the next PM Christopher Luxon. There were a couple of interesting questions and answers that I just want to highlight.

Debates can be raucous affairs, and no more so than when you have 2 politicians who want the top job in NZ and Chris Hipkins certainly came out firing – interjecting, very animated –  a very different approach to the 1st debate. He was on the attack. And that’s because Labour has lost almost half of its voters since the 2020 election. He has to attempt to get them back. There is a lot of 2020 voter regret.

In case you missed the debate I just want to show a couple of questions that interested me – although… this was in my view the most intelligent section of the debate


During the Leaders Debate, Christopher Luxon was asked whether he stands by his statement that “abortion is tantamount to murder”. (It is).

Luxon fails to answer the question, but correctly identifies that people are allowed to hold different positions. But once again, makes a declaration that he won’t touch a law that is tantamount to murder.

Chris Hipkins – who is very pro-abortion – attacks National MPs who are pro-life, but completely fails to acknowledge that NINE Labour MPs voted AGAINST the extreme abortion bill.

The big loser in all of this is the unborn child.


Just two nights after National MP (and possibly the next Minister of Education) Erica Stanford said that NOBODY has raised any issues with her about transgender toilets and the gender curriculum which NZ First is opposing being an issue in schools,


leader Christopher Luxon on this debate with Chris Hipkins was admitting that it IS an issue, with concerns about age appropriateness and parental consultation.

In fact, at a recent public meeting in East Auckland, Luxon said “he’s hearing from parents a lot about the issue…”

Good work, team. The message is getting through.

No such joy from Chris Hipkins. But remember – he was the Minister of Education when these guidelines came in


In fact, Labour has just released their so-called “Rainbow” policy which

Hipkins said Labour would accelerate the progress made for Rainbow students and work with schools and teachers to promote safe and inclusive environments.

Schools would be encouraged to adopt the Ministry of Education’s sexuality education guidelines while teachers would be given professional INDOCTRINATION development on understanding sexual orientation ALL 200+ OF THEM, gender diversity ALL 112 OF THEM and variations of sex characteristics.

Relationship and sexuality education would be reviewed as part of the 2024 Health Curriculum refresh – and Labour would ensure the curriculum and environments in schools must be safe and inclusive by promoting gender-neutral bathrooms and uniforms, and Rainbow-inclusive curricula.

So if you think the current RSE curriculum is radical, Labour says you aint seen nothing yet.

Re legalising cannabis. Interestingly, last week in the 1News debate, Chris Hipkins was asked in a quick fire question – would he decriminalise cannabis. Both he and Luxon correctly said no


In this Newshub debate, Patrick Gower asked them again but asked Hipkins about his inconsistency of saying he voted yes in the referendum in 2020 but now he’s saying no. and just note the question. It’s a loaded question because people do not get locked up for cannabis offences alone. It’s actually very hard to get into jail these days. No there are always additional charges related to the drugs or repeated offending or dealing or breach of parole etc. So ignore the misleading question. But it does seem that Hipkins doesn’t quite know where he stands, but Christopher Luxon is unequivocal – and a great response.


So that’s the 2nd debate. One more to go. But people are voting already.

Have you made up your mind yet?

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