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When companies go woke, they often go broke. And the reason they go broke is because people like you and me choose to purchase from companies and retailers who don’t lecture us with woke gender and sexuality virtue signalling as part of our purchase. But more and more companies are going woke – Budlight, Target, Ford, Nike, Adidas, Bonds, Rip Curl, Oreo, and more. You need to be aware of them – so that you can exercise your purchasing power.



When companies go woke, they often go broke. And the reason they go broke is because people like you and me choose to purchase from companies and retailers who don’t lecture us with woke gender and sexuality virtue signalling as part of our purchase. But more and more companies are going woke. You need to be aware of them – so that you can exercise your purchasing power.

Remember the story of BudlightAnheuser-Busch is a US-listed stock that’s one of the largest brewing companies in the world. It owns such brands as Stella ArtoisBeck’s and Budweiser – and it sells the low calorie beer BudLight and it has suffered a financial bloodbath. Consumers across the United States revolted against the nation’s top-selling beer brand after it stepped “recklessly” into the culture wars with its new spokesperson, transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney,

Dylan Mulvaney has been living as a woman for one year and has grown a large following on TikTok and Instagram charting his “Days of Girlhood.” During March Madness last year, Mulvaney posted a reel on his Instagram account of himself enjoying a can of Bud Light. Mulvaney said Bud Light sent him cans of beer to celebrate “day 365 of womanhood.”

But when some Bud Light beer drinkers learned of the brand’s campaign with Mulvaney, they were less than pleased. And it’s been a massive loss and financial bloodbath for the company – which they still haven’t recovered from.

What BudLight misunderstood is that most normal consumers like you and me don’t want a side of woke agenda and nonsense served with their purchase. Most people remain loyal to the truth that we are born male or female and that is a biological reality that does not change, no matter what a man in a dress or a virtue-signaling business believes.

But then Nike joined the party and became the next big-name company to face pushback from social media users for partnering with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney did several posts to Instagram, where she wore some of the company’s activewear, including pants and a sports bra. “Alert the media — I’m entering my workout era…” Remember this is women’s wear – worn by a bloke.

As a result, Nike faced increasing backlash from women over having transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney promote the company’s apparel as a “Burn Bra Challenge” was launched on TikTok.

And more recently there was the example of a luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette who say they are ‘by women for women’ posting ads featuring a male in women’s bra and panties.

Then came Adidas. Last year this was their new Adidas Women’s Swimwear Range modeled by…men. Yep – complete with um – a package that most women don’t have.

Here’s the man advertising the womens swimsuit – designed for men – apparently.

Speaking of packages, you may not be aware of the term “tucking” – let me quote from Wikipedia

Tucking is a technique whereby an individual hides the crotch bulge of the penis and testicles so that they are not conspicuous through clothing. The practice is most commonly employed by transgender women, as well as non-binary people who were assigned male at birth and men who do drag, or otherwise desire a more androgynous appearance. There are fertility-related side-effects to tucking, such as a reduced sperm count. 

Retail giant in the US – Target (similar to Kmart or The Warehouse here in NZ) – was under fire from customers after offering “tuck-friendly” and “extra crotch coverage” female swimsuits for sale. The swimsuits in question are part of Target’s Pride collection and are described as having been “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.”

We haven’t found evidence of these products in NZ – but maybe you have. Let us know. Check what Kmart and The Warehouse and Cotton On are stocking. Cotton On for example were big supporters of Pink Shirt Day recently which raises money to push radical gender ideology and sexuality in schools to children as young as 7.

And even Ford trucks has got involved. Did you know that Ford has a truck they call their “Very Gay Raptor”? Here’s what Ford said

Created in 2021, “Very Gay Raptor” was born in response to a negative comment on social media, with Ford rendering its most badass nameplate in sparkling gold adorned with rainbow graphics. The positive response online was so overwhelming the manufacturer decided to make it real, and has been using it as a tool to help drive out discrimination ever since.

In a video teasing the appearance of “Very Gay Raptor” and Next-Gen Ranger Raptor at the event, both vehicles speed through off-road trails covered in mud – at times taking different paths, facing off, yet displaying their equally impressive and tough abilities, regardless of their differing identities. 1

Check out their advert where the truck “comes out” of mud to reveal its trans/queer flag colours.
“Redefining tough”.

And now here’s some of the latest ones from just the last month that I saw as I was preparing to return to work

A major Australian underwear brand is facing backlash online for using a bearded, non-binary model in a new campaign. Bonds say “Women’s underwear is what BONDS does best.” Now a man models in their Retro Rib Bikini they claim is “made for fierce women everywhere.” Both models are also listed with they/them pronouns. That’s Mikey on the right.

Newshub reported this and said “Despite identifying as non-binary, many have been quick to misgender Mikey online in their condemnation of Bonds using “a man” to model “women’s garments”.”

Uh – Newshub – fact check – he is a man. Check… um… down there.

Bonds also featured transgender non-binary model called ‘Stone Motherless Cold’ who uses She/They pronouns.

The women’s brand – women’s brand – describes their new brand ambassador as a “humanoid” who celebrates “Black queer futurism.”

If you’re thinking of shopping at Bonds, maybe think again.

And then RipCurl also got in on the act.

Transgender woman Sasha Lowerson was featured on the Rip Curl Women Instagram page as part of the company’s campaign, Meet the Local Heroes of Western Australia.
Here’s the clip

In May 2022, less than one year after transitioning, Lowerson took first place in both the Open Women’s Longboard and Open Women’s Logger events at Australia’s West Coast Suspensions state championships. Just three years prior, he had taken a top spot in the men’s competition, making him the only person to ever win titles in both competitions.

Yep – born to surf. But also born as a dude.

What was particularly notable about RipCurl’s marketing was that it came months after Rip Curl dropped former brand ambassador and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, a famous surfer, due to her opposition to transgender people competing in women’s sport.

So this was a slap in the face to Bethany. RipCurl dropped Bethany Hamilton for opposing men surfing in the women’s league then picked up male surfer who surfs in the women’s league as a women’s ambassador?

RipCurl has deleted their Instagram post and all mentions of “Sasha Lowerson” as a representative for female surfers. The pushback was successful.

One more? Oreo Cookies. VERY popular in the US.

and they’re also here in NZ – and woke. Check the wrapping in your supermarket.

A nonprofit watchdog group has released a video highlighting Oreo’s ties to an LGBT advocacy group that has advocated for explicit books in school and lobbied against legislation to protect minors from trans procedures without parental consent.

They promote things such as “International Lesbian Visibility Day” and “Trans Day of Visibility.” Other tweets promote stacks of coloured Oreos whose cream filling matches the colours of the trans flag, pansexual flag, bisexual flag, and the rainbow Pride flag.

And already NZ businesses are starting to reveal their wokeness as part of the so-called Pride month.

AMI Insurance
ASB Bank
ANZ Bank

You’ll note that all the virtue signalling is in the area of radical sexuality and gender theory. The new woke religion.

Businesses are the new evangelists for the new religion of LGBT, critical theory and environmental alarmism.

But wokeness is starting to prove that it is just as bad for business as it is for the country. Just ask Budlight, Target and RipCurl.

It’s also a great reminder that you have power. It’s purchasing power. Spend your money on businesses who aren’t wanting to ram gender ideology, sexual preference, environmental worship and critical race theory down your throat.

By the way, watch out for our new website which will be launched in the next couple of months. It will summarise all these examples and many more.

Choose to purchase from businesses who don’t want to indoctrinate you with a side of woke agenda and nonsense served with your purchase.

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