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Family Planning” sounds so positive, doesn’t it. Marriage, family, children, values. Nope – the Family Planning Association is anything but that. But they’ve finally decided to tell the truth and have changed their name. They’ve removed the name “family” from their organisation – which is a great thing. But by changing their name, some parents may not realise who they are and that they’re wanting to come into your child’s school. Check.



I’m sure you’ve heard of Family Planning Association. They’re related to Planned Parenthood in the US. They are a dangerous organisation who have been poisoning the minds of our children for far too long. They promote abortion, under age sex and promiscuity – suggesting that it can be done confidentially without telling the pesky parents, sneaking young girls off for abortions once again without parental knowledge, and they are now pushing the transgender issue with puberty blockers & chest binders and tucking etc.

But “family planning” sounds so positive, doesn’t it. Marriage, family, children, values.

Nope – Family Planning Association is anything but that.

But in a recent development just announced, they’ve finally decided to tell the truth. They’re removed the name “family” from their organisation – which is a great thing, because they do nothing to enhance the word.

So let me show you a little evidence of what the Family Planning Association in NZ believe.

Firstly they believe that abortion should be available up to birth, and that parents should not be notified if their daughter is pregnant and wants an abortion. They made that quite clear in their submission to Parliament back in 2020

* does not support a statutory test for abortion for a pregnancy over 20 weeks  (so in other words, abortion up to full term ON DEMAND – no test. Remember the current law said it had to be about the life of the mother or unborn child.)

And they also don’t know what a woman is.

* recommends making the Bill inclusive by removing the definition of woman and using the words people or a person who is pregnant throughout the Bill, noting in the explanatory note that the majority of people who have abortions are women 

Let’s just have a look at this in a bit more detail.

This is under the title “Concerns about the proposed legislation” from their submission

19. For a woman who is more than 20 weeks pregnant, the Bill requires the heath practitioner to reasonably believe the abortion is appropriate with regard to the pregnant woman’s physical and mental health, and well-being.   

Now of course we know that this is just a tick and a nod from two abortion providers with vested interests. But Family Planning still don’t like that

20. Treating abortions up to 20 weeks gestation and after 20 weeks gestation differently in the law is not based on health reasons. Twenty weeks gestation is an arbitrary point during a pregnancy, not tied to any medical or physiological point which would require abortion to be treated differently at this stage.

They obviously don’t understand the biological development of the unborn child and the number of weeks that children are now being born premature – and surviving!! Incredible ignorance by a so called family planning group.

In fact, I checked and the earliest I could find is 2021 when Curtis Means was born at 21 weeks!

Perhaps Family Planning should do a bit more homework. They suggest that being able to abort Curtis is completely ok. I’m sure Curtis would disagree.

But Family Planning say it has nothing to do with biology and fetal development, and its just based on the “needs” of the family.

21. Family Planning has been clear, along with a number of other health providers and professional bodies that the Law Commission consulted with, that we support the Law Commission’s model A, where there are no statutory tests for abortion, and abortions are provided based on the needs of the person and their families, professional clinical standards and informed consent. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) writes: “No specific clinical circumstance should qualify or not qualify a woman for termination of pregnancy. The impact of any particular condition is highly individual and often complex. No list can be complete and becomes highly restrictive in the most complex of circumstances.”

Not only do they not understand fetal development, but they also can’t define a woman – and that only women can get pregnant.

recommends making the Bill inclusive by removing the definition of woman and using the words people or a person who is pregnant throughout the Bill, noting in the explanatory note that the majority of people who have abortions are women

Hey Family Planning – show me one man – just one biological man who has had an abortion.


And Family Planning also opposed any changes to the current law which allows teenage girls to be sneaked off for an abortion without telling their parents. Shocking.

They’re obsessed with abortion, aren’t they.

But the other area they are anti-family is in what they’re indoctrinating your children in. And rather than me explain it all again, let me show you the excerpt from our Family Matters episode which went viral, which we’ve translated into Tongan and Samoan, and which has woken so many parents up to the real agenda and harm being done through the Relationships and Sexuality Curriculum currently in schools   ken- perhaps embed this in post???

The good news is that under the coalition agreement with National and NZ First, this radical curriculum is about to be dumped. We will need to be vigilant though and ensure that what replaces it isn’t as harmful and flawed.

But here’s the good news. Because “family” is such a naughty, conservative, natural, moral, valued, positive word, Family Planning wanted nothing to do with it.

And so last week on Valentines Day (and we love the date they chose because we love their honesty), they released this press statement

One of New Zealand’s most iconic organisations is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a makeover – and a name change!

From 14 February, Family Planning will become Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa – better reflecting the work it does and its ambition to see that people are well and well-informed when it comes to issues of the heart, the mind, in fact all the body.

“When we started in 1936 our name was the very catchy Sex Hygiene and Birth Regulation Society,” says Chief Executive Jackie Edmond. “In 1939 we changed to Family Planning and that’s been our name ever since.

“By today’s standards, Family Planning is too euphemistic – it doesn’t say plainly, we know sexual and reproductive health, we know sex and gender, we know sexuality, diversity. We understand the impact those have on health and wellbeing,” says Jackie.

No they don’t even understand the basic biology of an unborn child, and they can’t even define a woman.

“Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa is clearer and more direct. It says, you’re safe here with us, we care that you’re well and that you’re well informed.”

People who know Family Planning, love us, love our services and understood what we are about. But, when we tested the Family Planning name and brand, many confused it with a support group for struggling parents and as a government agency, like WINZ, among others.

It’s definitely not a support group for parents, they’re right about that. But it is like a government agency because that’s where much of its funding comes from – especially, sadly, for abortion – and for indoctrinating our children with extreme sexuality and gender ideology.

The idea that Family Planning was New Zealand’s most experienced and capable provider of sexual wellbeing services – education, guidance, clinical services – was getting lost. This was especially true for young people.

We wish they’d get lost.

Anyway, one good thing is they’ve finally told the truth. They’re obsessed about sexuality and gender. They’re not about families. Their philosophy is and has always been to encourage young people (and culture in general) to use sex primarily to feel pleasure and experiment, with no consequences or morality. They attempt to divorce sex from gender, from married relationships, from values; instead they’re encouraging kids to have sex and supporting radical sexuality and gender ideology. it’s trivialises and cheapens the beautiful gift of sex.

Bottom line: keep your kids away from Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa. Check that they’re not in your school. By changing their name, some parents may only check on Family Planning, but not the new name. Perhaps that’s why they changed. We’ve managed to warn parents about their agenda – so they’re thinking a name change will help them.

Do what you need to do to protect your kids from valueless exposure to sex.

Your kids will thank you as they grow into healthy adults.

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