McBLOG: Puberty blocker story backfires

There’s been a lot of discussion about the UK’s CASS review which nailed the final nail in the coffin of sending our vulnerable children down the path of believing they can change their sex. But the NZ media were all keen to push back on the research with a local anecdotal story – and they found one, which they all reprinted word for word. The problem was that it did more to back up the conclusions of the CASS review.


We’ve talked a lot about the CASS review recently which has all but nailed the final nail in the coffin of sending our vulnerable children down the path of believing they can change their sex.

But the mainstream media were keen to push back on the research with some local anecdotal stories – and they found one. The problem was that it did more to back up our arguments.

Before we look at this article, here’s a really interesting point as we’re all told that less media is a threat to democracy and we’re all going backwards if media outlets close

FIVE independent mainstream media outlets (Radio NZ, Newshub, 1News, NZ Herald & Newstalk ZB) who all apparently add to democracy, reprinted the same exact story. “Criticism of puberty blockers misguided, trans girl’s mother says”. All five mainstream media outlets. Exactly same article. Same words. Newshub managed to change the order of the title.

But remember the mantra: More independent media outlets is good.

Apparently 🙄

They all printed word for word a story that originated out of Radio NZ.

So let’s check the article

The mother of a transgender teenager says having her child come out at the age of eight let her and her family take “a deep collective breath”. However, as far as their daughter was concerned, they accepted it immediately, Kylie said. “As soon she told us who she was, then we just went with that. “And then behind the scene, we did quite a lot of gathering of information about what would be the best way to keep her safe and keep her well.” Responses from those around them were “mixed”, some were supportive, others not. “We had to educate the people around us at the same time we were learning ourselves.”

Eight! 8 years old – coming out – knowing as a biological boy that he was a girl. Really? And “educate the people around”. Persuade would be a better word. Indoctrinate would be another.

At that stage, there was no need for medical interventions. Within a couple of years, however, puberty was looming. “And at that point, she let us know very clearly she did not want the changes that would come to her, unless she was given something to give her support.”

So she was fearful of puberty. It’s a human experience that everyone of us goes through. The natural process. But because of a flawed ideology, this young boy is scared of it.

Now in fairness to Radio NZ, there is some discussion on the CASS report and how puberty blockers virtually always lead to cross-sex hormones. And that there’s concern about the harms of puberty blockers. And the article says

Nearly all children on blockers subsequently progress to a medical transition using cross-sex hormones.


But here’s what one of the lead NZ doctors in this radical experiment says. This is from Patrick Gower’s Paddy’s got issues when they talked about the issues of puberty blockers. This is from the middle of last year – and it was after the Ministry of Health quietly removed the statement about puberty blockers being safe and reversible – but we were watching and called them out on it.

Have a watch – and note that the doctor is a member of none other than the radical activist group PATHA which is associated with WPATH!

Just refuses to acknowledge the science. Deep in the ideology. They’ll have a lot to answer for.

So back to the article

Kylie said blockers gave her family time to think. “Sexuality and future fertility – those are really big conversations to have at 10. So the idea with puberty blockers is that you don’t have to have all of those conversations at that age. You can wait until your child is a more appropriate age to talk about those things.”

Oh! So 10 is too young to have conversations about sexuality and future fertility, but 8 years old is enough to start socially transitioning, including in school with preferred pronouns and use of toilets and changing rooms and uniforms. So much hypocrisy.

Before her daughter was prescribed puberty blockers at 10, she had multiple visits to a paediatric endocrinologist, a full medical assessment including blood tests, a hand X-ray (to assess bone density) and an appointment with a psychologist….

At 14, her daughter started using oestrogen medication.

So cross sex hormones at 14. And as expected, the puberty blockers don’t pause the transition – they predict it. As the research shows. Completely contrary to what our PATHA doctor said earlier.

“She [He] is unusually young to go on HRT. Usually in New Zealand not given to teenagers younger than 16, depending what area you’re in. The doctors were willing to make an exception because of the thoroughness of the psychiatric reports done and the length of time she had been out. At 14, she’d already been socially out for six years, so it was not a fly-by-night decision.”

The teenager was offered an option for fertility preservation, which would require her to stop using puberty blockers and go far enough through puberty to allow for the process. But that was not an option she wished to take.

He’s 14 years old. Chloe Cole who detransitioned at 16 years old and is speaking at our conference in July also didn’t think about the consequences. She said it was the last thing she thought about.

The media don’t want to know about Chloe.

Too young to drink or to get a licence or to enter into certain contracts, but old enough to destroy your fertility for life. What 14 year old is thinking about having children?

“Our daughter is a happy, healthy, normal 17-year-old – she’s done extremely well at school, is off to uni, she’s got great group of friends, she’s in a relationship – doing all the things you would expect a 17-year-old to do. We’ve never been concerned that her intellectual or psychological development has been stunted by her being able to express who she is. In fact, our concern [would have been] the damage from not being able to express who she is that would have been done to her, that she would have to work through as an adult.”

Or maybe as the recent Dutch study found out, he would have grown out of the gender confusion if he was allowed to go through puberty. The majority do.

And I don’t think anyone argues that chemicalising and castrating your body affects your intellect. Or can’t make friends.

But aren’t we just encouraging a confusion, and potentially creating a health crisis in terms of infertility, osteoporosis, chronic illness, & emotional dysregulation – there’s other risks that the CASS review has revealed – and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US issued a warning label about the risk of puberty blockers in 2022.

Just one other red flag in all of this

Her eldest child – who is now 24 – came out as non-binary a few years after her daughter.

This is called “family noise”. What do we mean?

It was covered in our report Boy Girl Other which is available on our website.

Canadian Kenneth Zucker, one of the leading researchers and clinicians in the world on this topic, and the chair of the group that determined how this issue would be handled in the DSM-5 found that gender dysphoric behaviour and identity in children cannot be addressed without looking at what he calls “family noise”. GID seldom manifests in a child isolated from other factors, particularly those existing within the family dynamic. This is strongly verified when observing the family interactions of such children as well as their parent’s reaction to these children. So it’s driven by the convictions of the parents rather than the child. The Amsterdam Gender Identity Clinic, one of the largest clinics in Europe treating gender dysphoric children, looks at a host of larger satellite issues with the child and their family beyond the dysphoria itself. These would include parallel emotional, behavioural and family issues that might be present that could impact the child’s dysphoria. They explain dysphoria does not generally stand alone.

The NZ media are trying to counter the CASS review and all the research and overseas trends that are seeing the transgendering of our children narrative crumble before our eyes.

They’re even working together on it.

It’s time to stop the confusion and the chemicalisation and the castration – it’s time to heal the mind – just like we do with eating disorders that lead young people who think differently to the reality.

Tell your local MP that it’s time to stop the abuse of our vulnerable young people. The trans ideology’s time is up. Biology matters – and always tells the truth.

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