McBLOG: Guess who’s still pushing RSE

Despite the intention of the new Government coalition to review the radical RSE programme in schools, both the Ministry of Education and InsideOut are going full steam ahead, promoting the guidelines, running courses with teachers, and basically ‘giving the bird’ to the new government and the Minister of Education. We also show you the shocking training materials that InsideOut use.


As you’ll remember, in the coalition agreement between National and NZ First it said
Refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology, including the removal and replacement of the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.
But that all had the media, academics and the teacher unions in a panic. Fancy expecting schools to focus on “reading riting and rithmetic”, and not be allowed to indoctrinate our kids with the ideology that they have 112 genders to choose from and 200+ sexualities.
Two Sunday’s ago, the Minister of Education was on Q&A with Jack Tame and was asked about this issue
* huge feedback from both parents and principals (!) says that the Relationships and Sexuality Education Guidelines are problematic 
* it’s age inappropriate 
* it encourages the material to be spread through other subjects so that parents can’t remove their children if they object

Of course there are many other issues with it, including the biologically flawed gender ideology and the extreme sexuality messaging.
So has the Ministry of Education paused their marketing of RSE. Has InsideOut stopped being funded and told not to push RSE in schools until the review has been done?
Nope – not on your nelly. Both the Ministry and InsideOut are going full steam ahead – and are basically giving the bird to the new government.
We’ve been shown the training sessions being run by InsideOut to schools. They’re as bad as you’d expect. But we’ve also noticed that the Ministry of Education is effectively ignoring the Minister of Education and is pushing RSE as it stands.
So we’ve received evidence of what InsideOut indoctrinates teaching staff with. The fact that staff sit through these sessions without challenging the ideology, the biological distortion, and the harm it will do to children is quite astounding. Of course, there will be staff who don’t agree with it but will be bullied and ostracized if they dare speak up.
So we’ll do it on their behalf.
Let’s check some of the indoctrination. This is for intermediate age and high school. These are the images of the slides that were shown to us
Even before doing the indoctrination course, staff have to say how woke they are, whether they use personal pronouns, whether they’ve already stopped saying offensive words like boy and girl, and whether they hang LGBT flags on every doorway and wear their LGBT lapel pin with pride.
And the title of the session makes the issues raised by the Minister look foolish and ignored. They are treating the Minister with contempt.
“across the curriculum”. The exact concern that the Government agrees with. But InsideOut are on a mission. Stuff the Minister, InsideOut are saying.
Kids know their sexuality and their gender at a very young age. 5. 4. 3.
If they talk about boys and girls (maybe because they have a brother or sister) or maybe they’re just smart or normal kids, then they can know about “diverse gender identities”
If they know about mums and dads, start indoctrinating them with all the other 120-plus genders and 200+ sexualities.
Don’t conflate biology like penis on a boy and uterus on a girl with genders – because that conflates sex and gender.
Don’t say “parents” or “opposite sex” cause that implies there are only 2 sexes / genders.
If a child is old enough to be cisgender – in other words, born – then they’re old enough to be transgender or gender diverse.
Exposure to gender diversity will not turn children trans. Fake news. Rapid onset gender dysphoria amongst peer groups is a real thing – and explains much of the explosion in social transitioning and gender confusion. So that is just a complete porky.
“The only person who can know someone’s gender is that person” – definitely not the medical doctors and nurses and midwives, and definitely not the parents. You can see where this is all going eh.
Oh and you’ll note above – exploring gender is “natural normal and healthy”. Yep – nothing says healthy as much as chemically blocking puberty, cross-sex hormones, and removing healthy breasts and penises. Health 101 – apparently.
Don’t say “a boy in my class identifies as a girl” No – don’t tell the truth. She is a girl.
And don’t say boys or girls. Oh hang on. But you just said to say “she is a girl”
Now I’m really confused.
Then you’ve got to use their pronouns
Although on that slide they missed all these ones
Teachers are told to “shift their thinking”. Thinking of someone as “a girl who uses they/them pronouns” makes things trickier than of them as “a non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns” and helps you see them as they are.
So that’s less trickier??
Tackling homophobic, biphobic, transphobic language – e.g. only women get pregnant. Only men have a penis. That sort of shocking stuff.
They want ALL staff to be indoctrinated. Yes – especially that bigoted groundsman – er groundsperson.
Coming out – nothing about additional counselling or support or thinking about root causes. Nope.
What can teachers and school staff do. Note the 3rd one. Put aside all biology, reason, science – and repeat after me – “There are more than two genders” “Respect and use student’s pronouns” Even if they’re Her / She. Hershey. See what I did there. Pronouns for those who love chocolate. My pronouns are Her / She.
What can teachers and school staff do. Support Pink Shirt Day. Oh that’s interesting. We were told Pink Shirt Day is about all bullying. But it’s all linked to Out on the Shelves and Schools Pride Week. Never realized that.
What about pesky parents? Follow the child. Remember that these are young children.
“Seek support for yourself and the student.” Yes it’s traumatizing brainwashing children.
From the parenting experts InsideOut, “unsupportive parents may just be unaware of scared.”
OR maybe they believe that their son is a boy, or their daughter is a girl. You know, that kind of weird view. Or maybe they believe that an 11 year old who can’t figure out what to wear each day and can’t clean their room possibly can’t figure out why they want to be the opposite sex. Just maybe.
Finally, flood the school with imaging and evidence of sexuality and gender because that’s all young people are thinking about. Camps. Sports. Kapa haka. Choir. There’s a whole lot of red flags there about privacy and safety for girls. And choir? I mean I could sing soprano in intermediate school before my voice broke. Maybe I was a …….. OK don’t go there Bob.
And finally, enrolment forms. Do they ask about “mother and father”? Noooooooooo. Are there more gender options than biologically correct ones?
Phew – you could see why a professional teacher would need a cuppa and a lie down after all of that garbage.
But it’s not only InsideOut doing the indoctrination.
It’s even from the Ministry of Education – effectively telling the Minister that they’ll keep doing what they’re doing, no matter what she may say.
Let’s look at a primary school. This is from the Ministry of Education website promoting RSE.
Body safety, hygiene, making friends – but that’s the conduit to sex ed
He’s talking to year 5/6 but he wants it to start at level 1. And he doesn’t say friendship – he says relationships.
Seems to be a bit of coaching here. “You don’t have to identify as female or male”
Kate Sheppard – gave “women” the vote – but apparently a champion for gender confusion
Now these are the new ones. There was previously this one from an intermediate school. Listen to what started the process. Check out who they consulted. They then change all their policies by adding a word – a make-up word
I was thinking – if a child transitions to the opposite sex – which they tend to do – then do you also have to stop saying boy and girl even though they are ‘identifying’ as a boy or girl? It’s a good question, isn’t it. It’s the same as the question about if there’s so many genders, why do people transitioning mostly transition to the opposite sex?
Here’s a wild idea. Perhaps the binary is real!
Nothing says cultural values that pride.
And then high schools
Sexuality isn’t just your identity or your orientation. “It’s who you are and what you need.” Young student says we’re not just talking about racism and homophobia and sexual identity. I bet they are!! Teacher is a cis white female. No she’s a woman. But she says she needs to be careful. “It’s not my story to tell.”
And a bit more. “Be an ally”. Check out the flag in the background. There’s no agenda eh.
And this is what InsideOut has recently posted to their social media.
The 54th parliament of the settler colony of NZ has officially opened
Down the bottom
The promises in the coalition agreement reflect the violent, ongoing presence of colonisation in Aotearoa
We will continue to fight for a Te Tiriti led Aotearoa
They condemn everything they can find – including the rolling back of their darling RSE curriculum – but basically they condemn all the other reactionary policies in the coalition agreement, We must fght….
The intersection of white supremacy, settler colonialism and racial capitalism.
Does the Minister know how much this group that they fund to indoctrinate our children hates the hand that feeds?
But most importantly, check your school to see whether RSE is still being taught. The Ministry of Education and InsideOut are ignoring the direction of the government.

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