McBLOG: Disney’s Star Wars to Woke Wars

The new Disney “Star Wars” show, “The Acolyte.” has been promoted as the gayest “Star Wars” show yet. A commenter wrote, “Disney keeps doubling down because it would rather engage in political activism than return value.” But it’s not just Disney. Many programmes aimed at children – including even Sesame Street – are promoting gender diversity and sexuality for very young children.


One of the saddest cultural developments – in my view – as a previous big fan of Disney who used to watch it on a Sunday evening as a young person and then watched it with my children as they grew up – we even visited Disneyland 8 years ago – is that it has been captured by a small radical LGBTQQIP2SAA+++ movement and is doing all it can to indoctrinate children as young as possible in this sexualised and gender confused agenda.

Yep – apparently Disney thinks that the main thing your kids need to know everything about is their sexuality and their gender identity – and figure out which category they’re in. And there’s literally hundreds to choose from.

But they’re not the only children’s programme to be wary of.

Three years ago Disney launched its new “Pride” apparel and accessory collection targeted, once again, at our children.

Among the Pride products being targeted to children include t-shirts, collectable pins, backpacks, tumblers, mugs, and towels, all emblazoned in rainbow colours and words affirming the LGBT agenda.

There’s a pin kids can wear of Mickey’s ears to celebrate

Transgender bisexual lesbian even an intersectionality one to show just how woke you are.

And now some of the classics are being pulled off their platform. You may be surprised by what movies are receiving warning labels. They’re probably not the ones that you think should be

Last year, a TikTok clip of a man in a dress welcoming small children into a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Disneyland full of princess costumes went viral on social media. The original video had a man with a mustache wearing a gown waves enthusiastically to a child and introduces himself as Nick as the customer enters the store.

A commenter wrote. “Disney keeps doubling down because it would rather engage in political activism than return value.”

Disney Parks updated its uniform policy in 2021 to allow employees, or as they’re referred to in the park, “cast members,” to wear gendered clothing of their preference regardless of their biological sex. This way cast members that might not identify as female can still be part of the process to dress up & style the children without having to refer to themselves as a female Disney character.”

The irony is that Disney is obsessed with LGBT rights in the US but not basic human rights in China – because there’s a massive Chinese market, and Disney wants part of that – despite the human rights issue.

Eight months ago, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, publicly pledged to make Disney less woke

But the new Disney “Star Wars” show, “The Acolyte.” has been promoted as the gayest “Star Wars” show yet.

Take a look at this interview from the other day, featuring Leslye Headland, the creator of the new Disney “Star Wars” show, “The Acolyte.”

Apparently the old “Star Wars” characters gay. This new “Star Wars” show will be the gayest “Star Wars” show yet. Who knew? R2D2 was trans?

According to a report in the Christian Post,

In an X post last year, the “Star Wars” fan account The Direct announced that “THE ACOLYTE has cast Abigail Thorn as Ensign Eurus, making her the first transgender actor to appear in a #StarWars series.” 

“The Acolyte” showrunner Leslie Headland previously told The New York Times that she doesn’t believe people who oppose leftist activism are “true fans” of “Star Wars.” “As a fan myself, I know how frustrating some ‘Star Wars’ storytelling in the past has been. I’ve felt it myself,” she told the outlet. “Anyone who engages in bigotry, racism or hate speech … I don’t consider a fan.”

So if you like or liked Star Wars – but you’re a social conservative – you aren’t a Star Wars fan. That reminds me of President Biden saying if you’re black and don’t vote for him, you ain’t black

Earlier this year, series creator Leslye Headland openly admitted to the goal behind the show in an interview that surfaced on X. It involves the movie Frozen. You’ll be shocked by her narrative here

“…the concept of true love being between two sisters and not a heterosexual relationship … it just destroyed me completely… to make something that my parents would have allowed me to see when I was younger as a queer person, that I would have been able to understand a queer person.”

According to some commentators – Joel Berry who is the author of the book Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress..

The Acolyte is a queer, Marxist vandalization of the myth of Star Wars. In The Acolyte, the Force is a metaphor for cultural hegemonic power. The Jedi are a metaphor for cisgender white oppressors who hoard the power for themselves. Yes, it really is that obnoxious and stupid.

Another account said

The Acolyte, Star Wars new series streaming, very woke. 1) main character has two mothers 2) main Jedi characters are all Black and Asian, no white men 3) In the first episode, the only speaking role for a white character was for prisoners.

In Episode 3, they plan to throw away all Star Wars cannon and also start using pronouns. One reviewer who has seen the episode said it will destroy all remaining affection the fans had for Star Wars.

Well, that remains to be seen. It could be all spin – but based on what has been seen – and what the Producer says – will you be surprised?

Interestingly, in The Rise of Skywalker there was a same sex couple is seen having a celebratory kiss for a moment. However, this scene was edited out of the film’s release in countries that are opposed to homosexuality.

More recently there’s another one  “Tales of the Empire.” This one is apparently geared towards kids, and some critics argue it features a nonbinary Jedi, based on how all of the characters use “they/them” pronouns to refer to his corpse. 

And one more

The long-awaited sequel to Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out isn’t hitting theaters until this summer, but the official trailer dropped this week…and it’s looking a little… gay.

It’s not me saying that. It’s Yahoo News UK

Yes they believe the trailer might suggest a little crush – a little queer crush. With the coloured hair.

Now who knows.

But would it surprise you?

It may be people looking for offence where there is none – but there seems to be a trend here – and as we know – it’s been admitted by that expose of a planning meeting a

There has been a backlash.

Last year Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, reported a loss of more than 4 million subscribers. Its still 153 million so maybe a drop in the bucket.

As they say, go woke go broke – and that’s what was happening to Disney

And there’s some great comments there about our purchasing power and when we choose what we purchase, we can have an influence on warning companies about going woke. So many conservatives boycotted Disney – and it showed.

But it’s not just Disney. It’s programmes generally aimed at children – including even Sesame Street – celebrating gender diversity and sexuality for very young children.

The bottom line? Sadly, treat Disney and other children programmes as potentially hostile. Check them first. Don’t hope for the best.

There are some wonderful resources which still had the legacy of Walt Disney in them. Wonderful movies and characters.

But for the more modern material – don’t be so confident – sadly

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