McBLOG: Katy Faust at Forum on the Family 2024

Today’s McBlog is an interview with Katy Faust, who will be speaking at the upcoming Forum on the Family 2024. Katy Faust is founder and President of Them Before Us, a global movement defending the right of children to their mother and father. She publishes and speaks widely on why marriage and family are matters of justice for children.

The Forum on the Family is one of the premier family conferences held each year with international and national speakers and political leaders. This year’s conference will again be held at the Due Drop Events Centre in Manukau City on Friday 5th July which is just over three weeks away. There is also a gala dinner the night before on Thursday 4th. This year’s theme is Protecting the next Generation. It’s time for all of us to push back against the harmful agendas and ideologies being targeted at our children – including the ones in the womb. And once again we have an amazing lineup of speakers from the US, Australia and NZ. And this week – in a special series of McBLOG, we want to introduce you to four of the key speakers who we had a chance to have a quick interview with. Today, it’s Katy Faust.

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