No to school pride week

No ‘Pride’ Sexualising Children

If your school is promoting “Pride Week” next week with lots of programmes & indoctrination, consider taking your children on a week-long ‘learning field trip’ instead.

As part of indoctrinating a radical and extreme sexuality & gender ideology to our children, there is now “Schools’ Pride Week Aotearoa” for NZ schools being held next week (17-21 June), overseen by the radical and government-funded charity InsideOUT, but also strongly promoted by the Ministry of Education (despite the promises of the coalition government to review this material because of concerns raised by parents AND principals!)

Have you checked with your school to see whether, and how, they may be observing “Pride Week”?

Children should not be exposed to such political and moral indoctrination by their schools. There’s nothing to be ‘proud’ of when children are being sexualised and exposed to harmful gender ideology.

WATCH THE RECENT EPISODE OF McBLOG. We warn you about the activities, messaging and books being used to sexualise and confuse your children. We show you what content your child may be exposed to, and how you can respond to protect your children.


It is important to note that one of the key campaigns this year is the promotion of books for young children to read. It’s called “Out on the Shelves“. You will see some of those books in the McBLOG episode above. Prizes are being offered to libraries to stock these age-inappropriate books!

There’s even a “Rainbow & Faith” section, with books targeting the beliefs and values of both Christian and Muslim faiths. Other sections alongside “Rainbow & Faith” include aromantic, asexual, bisexual, gay, indigiqueer, two-spirit, intersectional, and pansexual! There’s also a Picture Book section which will be particularly attractive to children.

* The LGBTQI+ book list that’s deemed suitable for kids: Rainbow Picture Books for Kids

* The LGBTQI+ book list that’s deemed suitable for primary school age: Primary School Age Rainbow Booklist


InsideOut has tried to ‘hide’ poetry that won an award as part of Out on the Shelves because many people on social media said that there were potentially underlying themes of sexual innuendo, incest and self-harm.

The poem entitled “Father and Son” was the winner of the Under-16 Poetry section. Despite the supposed theme of smoking, when it was shared on Facebook and users were asked for their opinion on its appropriateness, many parents were horrified by the underlying themes running through it.

Problematic lines include “we hastily pull ‘it’ out of our trousers”, “turning the Jesus portrait face-down”, “as it bobs between our lips”, “excess spits out on our dewlaps”, “as the cardinal sin leaves our busted lips in a long, languid, stream of white”, “Two light bringers who’s rather hide in the dark: Father and Son”, “hide the moon shaped marks that still burn against my skin”.

Read More >> Offensive & Inappropriate Poem


“Pride Week” is being strongly promoted by the Ministry of Education. They are also promoting other books for “Out on the Shelves” including Best Wedding Ever – School Journal, Level 3, November 2022 (primary age) (Levi’s dads are getting married, but he has other things on his mind), and Break-up Day – School Journal, Level 4, May 2021 by  transgender author Kyle Mewburn which chronicles his discovery in year 8 that nobody realised he was actually a girl and was in the wrong body – “a girl in a boy-shaped box”.

Yes – this is the same Ministry of Education whose Minister is saying that parents and principals have experienced concerns about the age-inappropriateness of the current resources and guidelines. Who’s really in charge and setting the agenda?



Let’s not leave the door open for our children to be taught about sexuality and gender theory by the voices of people whose agendas and values don’t align with ours.

The good news is that last year, only 12% of schools in NZ took part in Pride Week. That means that 88% of schools rightly wanted nothing to do with it.

But please note – IF your school is promoting “Pride Week” next week with lots of programmes & indoctrination, consider taking your children on a learning field trip for the week. Yes – you legally can (see page 6-7 of the Parent Guide. There’s even a sample letter to use on page 19.) Your child will receive a lot more factually correct and beneficial knowledge, rather than a week of harmful & confusing ideology.

There is no ‘pride’ in sexualising and confusing our children about their biological sex. If we don’t speak up, who will!


Here are some ‘must-read’ Resources for Parents, Grandparents and Guardians:

Read More >> PARENT GUIDE – The Battle For Your Child’s Innocence

The Government declared at the beginning of 2022 that they were launching a new offensive to push radical gender theory and sexual ideology at your children. When you see the full programme, you won’t be too comfortable with it. Some of this material sexualises children, destroying their childhood innocence. Our Parent Guide explains how to protect your children from the state’s radical sexuality and gender ideologies in schools.

Read More >> FACT SHEET – Gender & Sexuality Education

Download this fact sheet which highlights the radical gender & sexuality programme being pushed onto kids.


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