Should women unite with trans-women (biological men)?

Women must unite with trans women (biological men) according to an antagonistic opinion-piece, written by trans-feminist Maia Hall for The Post/Stuff.

The article “Why women need to stand up for trans rights” attempts to persuade real women to ‘be at one’ with trans women (biological men). It’s peddling some bizarre sisterhood which unites and rises up against the patriarchy and white supremacy. Trans activists believe that we currently live in a patriarchal society in which men hold all the power and women are largely oppressed. These activists are driven by the goal of overthrowing the patriarchy, removing men (particularly white heterosexual men) from positions of leadership, and normalising transgenderism.

The author’s worldview is obvious from the labels which “she/they” uses to define herself – “Maia (she/they) is a queer, non-binary feminist”. So from the get-go, we should not be surprised to read an article which is pro-LGBTQI+, and which is hostile towards men (especially those pesky white cis men).

Maia Hall is the Women’s Services Coordinator at Auckland Women’s Centre – the far-left, radical feminist organisation which is definitely not a safe place for conservative women. Take a look at Auckland Women’s Centre’s social media platforms and you’ll discover an intersectionality of far-left ideologies: pro-LGBTQi+, pro-Palestine, pro-abortion, pro-cannabis, the abolition of prisons, anti-colonialism, anti-establishment, Black Lives Matter, Maori sovereignty, and so on … wow, that’s quite the collection of woke agendas.

Auckland Women’s Centre also takes aim at Brian Tamaki, and the Coalition Government… ⤵️

“Auckland Women’s Centre – te Wāhi Wāhine o Tāmaki Makaurau – welcomes all women, cis and trans, and non-binary people. We condemn all attacks on trans and other takatāpui and LGBTQI+ rights, from Brian Tamaki’s damaging of rainbows, and his ongoing intimidating events and hate-filled symbols, to the National-led Government’s plans to prohibit trans women from public bathrooms and its “watching brief” to do the same with community sport.”

Most notably, Auckland Women’s Centre were at the forefront of the violent Albert Park protests against Posie Parker and Speak Up for Women NZ – a women’s rights group advocating for the sex-based rights of women and girls.

Here’s a few examples of posts made by Auckland Women’s Centre… ⤵️

Key points in a one-sided article

So let’s critique some of the key points being made in “Why women need to stand up for trans rights” , then you can make up your own mind as to whether real women should stand united with trans women.

The author begins by proclaiming that “gender queerness is not a threat to anything except to the patriarchy.” –  Their end-goal is to to normalise gender queerness and to bring down the patriarchy. They say that “gender queerness is not a threat”, yet many people believe that gender ideology is definitely a threat – especially to their children and grandchildren.

Trans women are women, and trans rights are women’s rights.” – Biology would dispute this claim, as would many women’s rights groups such as Speak Up for Women NZ and Save Women’s Sports Australasia.

“The Government’s signals have emboldened violent extremists.” – This is a ludicrous and unsubstantiated claim, which should never have been approved by the editors of The Post/Stuff (clearly the mainstream media agree with such preposterous opinions).

“Transphobia invalidates many deeply-held gender understandings and traditions around the globe – a hallmark of white supremacy. – So, we are supposed to believe that white supremacy is behind any opposition to gender ideology. But what about the multitudes of people from differing “non-white” ethnicities who also oppose gender ideology?

“Transphobic politicians “seek to blur the lines” by “adopting the vocabulary of human rights, but what they are doing in reality is working to deprive other groups – mainly women and LGBTI people – of their rights.” – The author makes some far-fetched claims without presenting any credible evidence, believing that our “transphobic politicians” are intentionally working to deprive all women of their rights. There’s no truth to this claim, but what if some of these so-called “transphobic politicians” are themselves women? Or it is only “white cis men” who can be transphobic?

“Yes, transphobia works to deprive all women – trans and cis – of our rights.” – So it supposedly deprives “all women” of their rights. But what about conservative women, Christian women, and the women who form groups such as Speak Up for Women NZ, which advocate for the sex-based rights of women and girls? Are these women being deprived of their rights due to transphobia? Is it not transgenderism which is depriving girls and women their right to safe toilets and changing rooms that are free from biological men?

“The Government is restricting freedom for all women by policing what we say, and wanting to police what we look like when we use public toilets.” – Auckland Women’s Centre were actively involved in violently shutting down what many women actually wanted to say at Albert Park in 2023, and then posting this … “the hateful Posie Parker, who has fascist supporters, wasn’t able to speak! Thanks to all the work done by the organisers of the rally – and well done Tāmaki Makaurau!”. So who is the one that’s restricting freedoms?

“The Government is making sexual violence more likely (by removing sexuality and relationship education guidelines – including on consent); and emboldening jocks, bigots and vandals who oppress women while ostensibly espousing women’s rights.” – Yet more far-fetched claims. These trans activists are not speaking for the majority of Kiwis who don’t want radical gender and sexuality ideology being taught in schools. A recent poll found 69% oppose gender ideology being taught in primary schools, with just a mere 15% in support.

“The patriarchy gains power from policing gender identities and sexualities, dictating gender conformity and restrictive gender expressions.” – Once again, it’s the so-called patriarchy that is their true enemy. And what sort of “policing” is even taking place? New Zealand is surely one of the most LGBT-affirming countries in which to live. Perhaps the author needs to visit the Middle East?

“We have guidelines to ensure young people and adults receive gender-affirming healthcare which is both psychologically and physically safe.” – Overseas studies have proven these gender-affirming treatments and interventions are neither safe nor effective. Do New Zealand’s trans activists know something that world-leading clinicians don’t? The answer is certainly NO.

“An attitude of “live and let live” is no longer enough to keep our communities connected and supportive, in the face of imported malicious threats of “divide and conquer”. – What “malicious threats”? The 2023 Albert Park protests proved the only true malice came from the pro-trans groups, not by the women advocating for sex-based rights of women and girls.

Our vision is that all women, trans and cis, and gender minorities, enjoy full access to our human rights… that means that women can choose to take their children to drag queen storytime without fear. And that women can enter public toilets without fear that they will be challenged for not being “feminine” enough, or “cis-gender” enough.”–  So there it is … full support for indoctrinating little kids with drag queen stories, and for biological males wandering into female toilets and changing rooms. All this in the name of ‘inclusivity and safety’… just not the safety of little kids, girls and women.

So, will you be uniting with trans activists, for the right to indoctrinate little kids, for enabling biological males to wander into female toilets, and for cancelling the free speech rights of women’s groups that actually want to protect women and girls?

*Note – This article was written by staff at Family First NZ – an organisation which employs women and men from diverse ethnicities.

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