PulsePoint – 3rd July 2024

Welcome to PulsePoint for 3rd July 2024 – the latest media stories and research related to family and society that you need to know about – issues from both New Zealand and overseas that the Family First team have been monitoring and researching over the last week. It’s time to cut through the spin and uncover the real issues. In this episode of PulsePoint, we’ll update you on these topics:

1. The Ministry of Education has just released a disturbing new guide for school toilets. 00:57

2. The mainstream media and the taxpayer’s union is pushing the issue of taxing churches. 04:11

3. The US Supreme Court will consider a case about protecting children from transgender medical interventions. 06:42

4. Europeans turn against leftist parties and policies. 07:29

5. Roger Federer goes viral for saying “Family is a team”. 09:06

You can check out all these stories and more on our website FamilyFirst.nz. We’ll keep watching the news… so that you don’t have to.

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