R18: Sex Ed (2013)

R18: SEXUALITY EDUCATION IN NEW ZEALAND A Critical Review Released 17 June 2013 Executive Summary Full Report Media Release “Sex Ed Preaches Sexual Licence, Not Sexual Health “ For additional copies, please contact Family First …

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Daycare (2012)

WHO CARES? Mothers, Daycare and Child Wellbeing in New Zealand Released February 8 2012 Executive Summary FULL REPORT (high res) FULL REPORT (low res) Media Release Daycare Report Calls For Recognition of Effects on Children  For …

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Youth & Alcohol (2011)

YOUNG PEOPLE & ALCOHOL What does the medical evidence tell us about the legal drinking age in New Zealand? Released February 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FULL REPORT (high res) FULL REPORT (low res) Media Release “Medical Evidence …

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Value of Family (2008)

Fiscal Benefits of Marriage and Reducing Family Breakdown in New Zealand Released October 2008 Executive Summary FULL REPORT The Value of Family   Media Release for Report “Marriage Breakdown Costing Taxpayers At Least $1 Billion …

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