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Family First NZ has been the leading pro-family voice on a number of major public-policy debates in New Zealand recently, including leading the opposition to an anti-smacking law which was introduced in 2007 (a Referendum on the issue resulted in 87% opposition to the law, which the National-led government subsequently ignored) and the same-sex marriage bill. Despite Family First’s campaign reducing the level of support for redefining marriage to less than 50% (from a high of 2/3’rds support when the campaign started), the politicians once again ignored public sentiment and proceeded with their own agenda.

You can see some of our work at the various websites that we host:

https://www.familyfirst.nz/ – main website

https://www.forumonthefamily.nz – Annual conference (Forum on the Family)

http://saynopetodope.nz/ – Say Nope To Dope (Marijuana)

http://porninquiry.nz/ – Porn Inquiry NZ (Pornography)

http://askmefirst.nz/ – Ask Me First (‘Gender Identity’)

http://rejectassistedsuicide.nz/ – Reject Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)

http://www.protectmarriage.nz/ – ‘same-sex marriage’ website (Marriage)

http://www.chooselife.nz/ – Abortion

http://haveyoursay.nz/Web-tool for contacting elected representatives

www.valueyourvote.nz – Voter guide

www.nzmarriage.org.nz – NZ Marriage Coalition

www.voteno.org.nz – Referendum on anti-smacking law

www.protectgoodparents.nz – research on effects of anti-smacking law, and support for parents

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