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If you were unable to attend the FORUM ON THE FAMILY, or did attend and would like to be reminded of the excellent material and speakers from the day, you can purchase both DVD and CD’s of the event. All the details and online orders can be made here

Media Coverage

TVNZ Breakfast2nd August 
ONE News – 2nd August

RECOMMENDED: National Radio’s Kathryn Ryan interviews Aric Sigman – 3rd August (takes a few moments to load)

Soft parenting causes teen problems, says expert
ONE News August 02, 2010
Modern parenting techniques are leading to a generation of “little emperors”, according to controversial UK psychologist and author Dr Aric Sigman. Sigman told TV ONE’s Breakfast programme parents need to stop trying to be their child’s friend and set firm boundaries.  

Psychologist tackles ‘spoilt generation’
The Press 02/08/2010
Parents should mete out computer and television time as if it was as detrimental to their children’s health as sugar, salt or saturated fats, an expert says. Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman, a fellow of the Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine, has been brought to New Zealand by lobby group Family First. Sigman said a new breed of parents, who were afraid of confronting their children, had created a “spoilt generation” with a sense of entitlement and lack of empathy.

Screens ‘damaging young brains’
NZ Herald Aug 2, 2010
A psychologist who made his name on the evils of television is now warning against computers as well, saying they are bad for the brains of young children. Dr Aric Sigman, an American-born British psychologist who is in Auckland for a forum organised by Family First, says computers should not be used in schools by any children under 9. He says research shows that young children’s social and educational development is retarded by screens of all kinds – “TV, educational TV, DVDs, computers, social networking, computer games.

Too much ‘screen time’ harming children
Stuff 06/08/2010
Exposing children to too much ”screen time” is causing obesity, sleep disorders, and less brain activity, a leading psychologist has told a forum in Auckland today. British psychologist Aric Sigman was speaking at Family First’s fifth annual Forum on the Family in Auckland today. There are about 200 delegates at the forum – the biggest number in the five years it has been held. Sigman said he was seeing the same problem throughout the world as more and more cultures hooked into the internet and television.

The ideal legal drinking age is 25, says a British doctor
The Dominion Post 06/08/2010
A British doctor says the ideal legal drinking age is 25, but recommends New Zealand should adopt a drinking age of 21. New medical evidence had shown that brains were damaged by alcohol for much longer than previously thought, according to visiting British psychologist and biologist Aric Sigman. Dr Sigman said that, in Britain, people in their early 20s were now needing liver transplants – something New Zealand was likely to see if it had not already. He is calling for New Zealand to adopt a drinking age of 21. A legal drinking age of 25 would work in an “ideal world”, as brains did not fully develop until age 24 1/2 and risk-taking behaviour was at its worst from the ages of 18 to 24. “If you’re asking me as a health professional what age we should raise it to … I would raise it 25.” …Dr Sigman, who is in New Zealand to speak at a forum organised by Family First, said that, although raising the age would not be a magic bullet, it was an exercise in damage limitation. “If you can delay the amount and the frequency with which they can drink, this will be an improvement.”

‘Learn to say no to spoilt kids’
Sunday Star Times 08/08/2010
NZ parents need to “get their back bones back” and learn how to say no to their children to stop what a British psychologist is calling a “spoilt generation”. Aric Sigman made his presence known in New Zealand last week, having been brought over by lobby group Family First to speak at their “Forum on the Family”, held in Auckland on Friday. Sigman, a father of four children, said he had travelled extensively and read hundreds of studies and the one commonality he kept finding throughout the world was that parents had lost control and had no respect from their children. His response was a book entitled The Spoilt Generation. “We now live in the time of the child-centred upbringing,” he said. The rights of children had increased to a point where parents no longer felt they could say no, felt guilty if they criticised a child rather than constantly lavishing praise, and pandered to what the child was interested in rather than his or her best interests.

Dr Aric Sigman talks with NZ Rhema’s Peter Shaw

Melinda Tankard Reist on Nzone (Shine TV) interviewed at the Forum

Sexualisation of girls makes them ill – author
The Press 03/08/2010
Young girls are increasingly portrayed as sexually available and interested mini-adults, an Australian feminist says. Melinda Tankard Reist, editor of Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls, said Western culture had developed a highly sexualised and homogonised view of females in the past decade. “A scary view about what women and girls are good for has developed; they are merely here to service the sexual satisfaction of men and if they don’t succeed they’re worthless,” she said. “And we’re now applying adult concepts to children: our culture is repackaging young girls as sexually interested and available.” Tankard Reist is in New Zealand to address a Family First-hosted conference, The Forum on the Family, in Auckland on Friday.

Feminist: Sex culture setting women back
NZ Herald Aug 2, 2010
“Raunch culture” has set back women in Western societies more than 50 years, says a visiting Australian feminist. Melinda Tankard Reist, a founder of a group called Collective Shout which names and shames companies using sexual images of girls, says we are raising children in a “pornographic landscape”. “I think we have gone backwards,” she said. “Raunch culture has taken us back. It’s an absolute tragedy. These were issues being raised by feminists in the 1950s and 60s.” Ms Reist, a controversial figure in Australian feminism because of her opposition to abortion, will speak at a forum run by Christian-based lobby group Family First in Auckland this week.

LISTEN Melinda Tankard Reist on National Radio’s The Panel with Chris Trotter and Linley Boniface

TV star plans brothel
NZ Herald Aug 3, 2010
Former politician and high-profile broadcaster Pam Corkery has been linked to plans for New Zealand’s first brothel for women. ….Australian feminist advocate Melinda Tankard Reist, who will be in Auckland this week to speak at a forum run by lobby group Family First, said she was disgusted with the idea of the sale of sex from men to women. Turning the tables did not make prostitution right or the situation any better for women, she said. “It’s no great advancement for women’s empowerment to say that we can now buy men for sex. It’s no great sign of liberation. Prostitution from men for women is still about the trade in human bodies and human flesh … just because it’s men that’s being sold doesn’t make it any better. It’s still very wrong.”

Melinda Tankard Reist talks with NZ Rhema’s Peter Shaw

Tuhoe Issac is interviewed on Shine TV – Thursday 5 August

Tuhoe Isaac is interviewed on Radio Waatea (Willie Jackson) 9 August 2010(17 minutes)

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