The media’s distortion of public debate – revealed

This is a disturbing example of how the media does their question line on issues that they ‘should’ be independent on, but are anything but.

In the Prime Minister’s weekly press conference, a reporter named Ben tries to suggest that the National party are concerned about the ‘conversion therapy’ ban NOT because of the real threat of criminalising loving parents who want to protect their children from puberty blockers, chest binders, surgery and confusion – but it’s purely because of “bad-faith” and their “homophobia”.

Yep – this is the standard of journalism in New Zealand. Appalling. We will never get a fair debate on this crucial issue – because the media won’t let it happen. They’re not here to report the debate. They’re here to dictate the debate.

The real question is: will you #pushback on this nonsense?

Interviewer: “On the conversion practices bill, because you’d left wellington for the week when that had happened, National obviously voted against the bill. And your theory of change is to get as many parties as possible on to make lasting change. Do you think that will be possible in this case? Or do you suspect National is making bad-faith arguments against this bill? Are they homophobic?

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