Relaxing drug laws will do more COVID harm, yet Dr Baker wants decriminalisation

A somewhat controversial opinion from Dr Michael Baker, as he calls for drug decriminalisation as part of effort to stamp out COVID-19. Baker also supports enlisting the help of gang leaders in the vaccine rollout.

Dr Michael Baker is using Covid as a reason to liberalise drug laws in New Zealand.

A key point which the NZ media won’t tell you is that Michael Baker is a board member of the drug-friendly NZ Drug Foundation. 

Unfortunately, liberalising drug laws will actually do more COVID harm.

Recent studies prove that people with substance use disorders are at higher risk for COVID breakthrough infections.

According to a study by a Cleveland university, fully vaccinated people with substance use disorders were more likely to have Covid-19 infections than those without such disorders, breakthrough infections being highest among cannabis users and cocaine users. Furthermore, when matching patients with and without substance use disorders for lifetime comorbidities and social determinants of health, only increased risk for breakthrough infection among cannabis users remained significant. 

Researchers said that

“drugs and alcohol compromise immune function”.

We didn’t really need a study to confirm that, but it’s good to have science on our side.

Meanwhile, Mongrel Mob leaders Sonny Fatupaito and Harry Tam have been given essential-worker exemptions to enter Auckland to push the vaccine message. We do wonder if these two mob leaders will be doing any other “business” while in Auckland?

The National Party are opposed to border exemptions being given to gang leaders. 

“This is something that most New Zealanders will find quite unacceptable – particularly in light of the fact there are so many stories of people who can’t get into Auckland,” said police spokesperson Simeon Brown. 

“When you look at where it is the epicentres, we keep talking about, a lot of it is in the gangs and actually, they’ve been spreaders, he’s the leader, why hasn’t he stopped it?” party leader Judith Collins said of Fatupaito. 

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